Saturday, 12 September 2009

Shopping List Saturday

It's been a while..!
Today, the return of the Shopping List to my blog - I've discovered some circular beauties with a nod to Autumn about each of them. I can feel the changing of the seasons in the evenings, as a chill in the air nudges me back inside, to warmth and candlelight. Ever the romantic.


1)Blackberry Wood. Set of 5 paper baubles for decorating your home this Autumn/ TanyaMac

2)Ring Ring 2/ aubeebop

3)ingrid...crotcheted heat pad/ EmmaLamb

4)Recycled paper garland/ wrenhandmade

For more Shopping Lists this Saturday, do click on the links in the sidebar and discover new delights chosen by fellow Etsy sellers and handmade supporters. Have a great weekend x


Raggy said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your creations are so superb. I love to see fabric and trims used in a unique way.
Sandie at Rag Rescue

emma lamb said...

thank you Charlotte! this is such a gorgeous wee collection and i quite chuffed you included 'ingrid'... :)

it's lovely to have you back again and i know i'm a bit late but i hope you had a fabulous birthday and it wasn't too traumatic... ;)

enjoy the rest of your weekend my dear,

Marian said...

It' s back! The shopping list is back!

Steffi said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog.I like your creations and your blog.Everything is very nice!

TanyaMac said...

Aw gorgeous blog Charlotte - have bookmarked and will be back! Just had a good rummage in your FABULOUS etsy and loved all those wonderful vibrant colours and textures.

Thanks a million for featuring my blackberry wood baubles in your lovely shopping list! ;)*

gretchenmist said...

beautiful list ~ great to see you are making lists again :)

vadjutka said...

gorgeous list - my favourites are thos funny rings!