Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Felted Pendants

Such poor light to take photos! Why does it rain when you want/need to record anything? GRRR! Ah, well. Needs must. Two new pendants finished...must make more!

*now listed in my etsy shop

Monday, 29 September 2008


'Moo', I say to you!

Sorry - a bit rude? Moo cards, actually, to be precise. I spent the first half of the day having a little browse and a think, then I took the plunge after much 'will I, won't I' head-wrestling. The upshot is, I have...but I'm not very good at playing the waiting game.
I guess I'll just have to be a grown up (somehow) and sit it out. Should only be a few days, but I don't want to wait! I want them now!!
Listen to me! Can you tell I'm an only child?! Let's be fair, though - -it's like waiting for the big man to arrive on Christmas Eve....a watched pot also springs to mind!!

Right...off to felt some heart pendants...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Time Flies...

This weekend has whirled through our lives, and it's now almost Monday! Why does it fly past so quickly? We've had time for an educational-ish family day out in Hereford (museums, galleries....shops), two children's birthday parties, a quick chat about a possible new project and I'm just about to indulge (no, that is absolutely the wrong word to use!!) in some late night ironing of the school uniforms right now. And that's it! All over for another week. Roll on Friday night!
In the meantime, have a woollen buttony heart (above), with love!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday

1)Fused Glass Pendant-Autumn Crush/ shoozles 2)Felt Disc Necklace/ Threekeys 3)Plum Perfect Damask Dress Tunic (18m/2T, 3/4, 5/6) /breadandroses 4)Carved Caramel Bakelite Vintage Button Ring/ momomatic 5)Charlotte Necklace/ LieblingDesigns 6)Autumn Leaves Stacking Set Made to Order/ onegarnetgirl 7)Autumn Flower Embellishment/TessaAnn 8)Halloween Woodland Tree, Large Wool Soft Sculpture/ winsomehollow 9)Faux Candy Covered Apples Faux Food Decor/ FrostedFakes

Well, we've had the equinox...Autumn is officially here!! I love it! The changing colours of the trees...the rustle underfoot of the fallen leaves...the crispness in the air...the need for a cosy jumper - I'm in my element!

Today's Shopping List is packed full of all things autumnal. Shoozle's pendant and Threekeys' necklace captures leaves falling in the mist; the divine children's tunic from breadandroses is perfect as we forage about picking up pine cones and conkers...
Momomatic's ring conjures thoughts of toffee apples and applebobbing...toffee apples with no calories? Look no further than FrostedFakes to cheer up your kitchen and keep you guilt free!
For those of you that know me, you'll know why I picked the next two items...my wedding anniversary falls in October. My mum made my bouquet with huge magnolia blooms, and they also adorned the cake - how could I resist this glorious necklace from LieblingDesigns?! Onegarnetgirl's gorgeous ring is very reminiscent of my engagement ring - and these stones are such glorious colours!
TessaAnn's brooch speaks for itself - rustic and colorful, just right for this season.
Now, then. Trees - I'm surrounded by them here in the forest. I've always nurtured a little passion for a mantel laden with fir trees at Christmas time, but why wait until then? I love these by winsomehollow! I need a mantelpiece full of them - they're all different in her shop - I need them...I do!

I think next week I'll have a little foray into Hallowe'en treasures...after all, it'll be October by then!

Do click on the links in the sidebar for more Shopping List Saturday lists from fellow etsy sellers...be inspired, and support handmade!!

Friday, 26 September 2008


Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists and crafts-women from around the world, as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.

Something a bit different for you today...on the last Thursday/Friday of each month, a little group of us will be coming together to give our responses to the same question, to provide an insight into the people behind the products. Our question for this month is: What was the journey to your craft? So, here goes....!
As a child, right through to my teens, I yearned to be a fashion designer...but then, doesn't every little girl? Every spare hour was spent fine tuning my model drawing 'skills', with the utmost attention to the drape of the fabric, and peculiar colour combinations.
Cut to college....and a graphic design degree (fashion's too cut-throat, isn't it?!). Hmmn. Graphics weren't really my 'thing'. I felt a yen to restore paintings in darkened rooms in huge art galleries...so, I specialised in illustration. Most of my illustrations were collages and three dimensional works that needed to be photographed in order to be printed in magazines - I had a whale of a time, but something was missing.
It's taken many years to discover that missing element. I took a wrong turn somewhere, back in those teenage years when your head's not screwed on properly. I plodded on, as you do, and then marriage and my little girls arrived, so naturally things changed - and here I am now. My husband turned forty recently, his career as a product designer was shifting down a different path so we took the chance to make a change. We upped sticks and moved here, an old lodge deep in an ancient forest, armed with a big plan. We're in the process of setting up a luxury tipi holiday site. But with this huge lifestyle change comes huge pressures...we all know what those are!
I took to textiles as a means of therapy, I think. I picked up some cloth in a quiet moment, and cut and stitched my way to an epiphany! I'm relaxed when I'm sewing; ideas are always bumbling about in my head and I feel good about it! My children are lucky. If they wish to take a similar route, doors are open for them - textiles are an option whilst they're at school and there are many excellent further education courses they can undertake. Our life is good here - we have the wonder of the great outdoors, we have our tipi poles and logs, and I have my textiles. Only one thing missing...that's a healthy bank balance!!

Please click on the links in the sidebar where you see the Merry-Go-Round, and discover the journeys of wonderful artisans around the globe. Please remember that we are all in different time zones...if you don't see their post when you arrive on their blogs, check back later. You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, 25 September 2008


*image created using my photograph, flickr and picnik

Ho hum. I'd be repeating myself if I told you that I cannot resist the lure of flickr/picnik fiddling, late at night when I should really be tucked up in bed....but I can't help it! There's addiction in my blood -I cannot leave something alone unless I feel completely purged of it. Take a new cd. I can play that new cd for six months solid in my car, without feeling the need for a change. I pity my passengers (even if they are family), but I'm compelled to do it. Is compulsion the same as addiction?
Anyway, simply can't help myself, as I said. I don't think I'd mind if I could detect a modicum of progress being made! As it is, the woodcutter keeps bemoaning my ability to crop too soon, to work on an image that is too low in resolution, that I only have myself to blame for dodgily grainy images as a result. Okay!! We didn't all work as professional photoshoppers, did we?! I stand by my decision to dabble and fiddle with the odd layer or two....I'm enjoying myself!!! Yay!!

(nobody point out now, please, that it could be perceived as time-wasting....thank you!)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Remember I Wrote About 'Blowing Your Own Trumpet'?!

Thank you to Heloise for screen grabbing this treasury for me whilst it posed beautifully on the front page at etsy! I can't quite believe my luck with these treasuries lately...
If anyone knows who curated this treasury, above, I'd love to find out.* I think there is a special little place, treasury heaven really, where fp's reside once they are spent. I read about it on a blog recently. I wish I knew where to look - after all, you're reading the words of someone who only discovered Treasury West a week or so ago...
This treasury, Surrounded...above, was curated by the lovely Valerie of mistflowerstudio. I love these rusts and greens - quite apt for this time of year!

I put these treasuries in to my blog not to shout 'look at me!!' (honestly!), but to show how unbelievable it is to find items you've never found before that are all similar in one way or another (usually the common thread is colour), waiting to be discovered...by me, by you, anyone! Such a hugely diverse range of products are out there, and I think I'm quite humbled whenever I discover that a product of mine is actually part of a curation. I love looking through the Treasury, and now that I've 'unlocked' Treasury West, well, the excitement simply increases!

* thanks to cookoorikoo, 'Been gone too long'.

On My Desk Wednesday

Yep, this is my desk right now - sadly, I didn't make that delightful hanging ornament that you see in the foreground there. I bought it as a gift (hope you're not looking!), and it arrived from the Netherlands this morning. In the envelope with it was a postcard of one of LeiLiLaBoo's paintings, and her cute business card...how great is that? I'm SO pleased with it...I might just keep it for myself - after all, it's a long time between now and the C word! ( I know, it's only September - but it's good to start early...isn't it?!)

You can also just see the custom order I'm working on at the moment - a Secret Garden brooch. It's keeping me busy!!

Why not hop over to kootoyoo's blog for more secrets on our desks! Go on, take a quick peek...

Monday, 22 September 2008

TUESDAY!! Sparkly Bits and Miniscule French Knots

New into my DaWanda shop is Cybilla - a brooch of machine felted textile fabric, embellished a bit here and there with some pretty, sparkly glass beads.
If you look really, really....closely, you'll see just a few weeny little french knots embroidering the humpy bit of throwster's silk at the top there.

I love the effect that organza has when you felt through it. It breaks up beautifully into sparkly fibres that twinkle in the light...yum!

*Apologies for the poor pic - in a rush...hurry, hurry, hurry!

Little Gems

Etsy treasury by mistflowerstudio, Flaunting Their Stuff
Etsy treasury by HotInjectionJewellery, Going Out After? Then try these on...

Such beautiful treasuries to find yourself in! I love mistflowerstudio's - the teal and dusky rose combination is a favourite of mine. Such a delicate and feminine colour palette. Thank you so much, Valerie, for making my Midsummer Collar (centre, top) feel right at home!

HotInjectionJewellery's curation is full of fabulous costume drama, wouldn't you say? Just as I discovered it over at Treasury West, it appeared on the Front Page at Etsy! Yay! My Enchanted Collar is nestled down in the bottom right corner - thank you, Holly!

(I'm in love with Ellita's fabulous stoles/collars...must go get one - but which?!)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Sunny Weekend

The spoils of the weekend - this gorgeous, gorgeous Woodland Girl - made for me by my five year old (with a teensy bit of constructional help from her Daddy) - and my rather gaudy, in comparison, offering of a poppy. Nothing like a spot of colour in the evening to boost your spirits! Yes, once again, I let myself loose for ten minutes with picnik!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday - Prints!

1)Right Before My Eyes / shelbyhealey 2)L'envol des Libellulas print / annejulie 3) IMAGINATION / dazeychic 4) Family Vacation print / matteart 5) I'll be in the clouds, said the girl / LeiLiLaBoo 6) Messenger Birds / LilyMoon

I've been looking at prints a lot this week - can you tell? Etsy is an amazing source for art - original art, prints, ACEO's...it's all there aplenty. I've focused on prints, because in the main they are an affordable way to access art. I'd love to fill my home with originals - but I would have to do it over time....a very long time!
Artists use excellent quality printers, and consider their card stock very carefully when they produce prints of their originals. In many cases, the originals can also be purchased, so of course the choice is yours!

I hope you like this selection. I've chosen pieces that make me smile, or brighten up my day - and these certainly do! Why not take a trip around the Art section over at etsy today - it really is your very own art gallery in a box!

*for more Shopping List Saturday lists, click on the link in the sidebar - (Shopping List Saturday:Check Out Their Lists!) and see other etsy seller's choices! Go on, make their day...

Just had to show you these, by zukzuk (Weird Hair Feeding Birds//Masked Bear-Limited Edition Print). I received them last week, courtesy of my in-laws (thank you!), and I'm over the moon with them. Don't you just love that cheeky big old bear?! Now I just have to frame them...Ikea is calling me....

Friday, 19 September 2008

Job Done!

This is what I've been up to yesterday and today...my first customer request. This follows on from the day when I was featured in a treasury that hit the front page of etsy.
These are petite versions of the original Choker of Beauty and the Pomp and Ceremony wrist cuff. They are not identical to the originals - the fabrics vary, as do the beads and buttons - but they are quite similar. I hope she likes them!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Wistful Thinking

Ahh, look....
Wistfully smooching through our photos on flickr from the summer, I came across this one, and couldn't resist a little 'play' with picnik. A bit of light relief for me, really. Trouble is, once I start this tweaking lark, I find it rather difficult to stop!

I've had a busy and productive day today, completing a custom order for a lovely lady. It turned out quite well!

As a friend and I assured each other today, at least it's Friday tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

All Done!

There we are!
Following on from my earlier post (see below), the beads are on, everything is sewn in place, and this Sheherezade (or Sheher-A-zade, depending on your preference!)Pendant should be residing in my DaWanda shop later this evening! Phew...

On My Desk Wednesday

This is where I'm at today - the volcanic looking disc is a new felted pendant awaiting beads and buttons and the usual ephemera required to make it 'mine'.
In the background, you can just make out the Black Random Necklace, which has been reserved. It's waiting patiently to be helped into its little overcoat of giftwrap, and topped off with a flourish (that'll be a ribbon and a pretty toning button, then).
The sweet little daisies are a garden gift from my youngest...and would you believe they are already three days old? I've never had them last so long...
Happy Wednesday!

* feeling a bit nosy...oops, sorry, curious? Pop over to kootoyoo's blog, for more tantalising glimpses into the lives of other desks...and their users!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

With Elegance -

I was thrilled to find that Cathy's beautiful treasury 'POETRY for you secret love' features my D'Urbervilles Pendant. I think this is a beautiful collection - and it's unusual for me because most of my jewellery is quite busy and colourful, unlike this particular piece. This treasury selection makes it look quite elegant, doesn't it?
A beautiful collection of pieces, actually featuring a number of artists whose work I really like...materialised, Roadside, LittleRobot, NuitBlanche...beautiful Cathy, thank you xx

Hold the Front Page!

Look at this...! I rolled in after a busy day, had some time with my little ones and then flopped in front of this 'ole thing, tuning in to being a sensible businesswoman (?) for the evening. What's this? Umpteen messages in my inbox?? A sale or two?? Pardon?

The last couple of messages I read explained everything...now, I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here, although it's going to sound like it....but there I was, on the front page at etsy!! Chuffed? I'll say. Many, many thanks to mistflowerstudio for including my earrings amongst so many gorgeously vibrant items.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Fun was had yesterday with a spot of apple harvesting from our field - no, let's call it our 'orchard'....much more 'Country Living'!

The girls ran round madly picking up the apples, whilst the woodcutter shook out a few more, and this is the result! Youngest enjoyed that bit, but then the work got a bit serious, so she went off in search of real fun, going about with a stick to poke around in all the squishy yucky ones that were (thankfully) left on the ground.
Woodcutter and his offspring then set to, discarding any unsavoury ones, washing and chopping them, and then blasting them through the juicer. Now we have apple juice coming out of our ears, in every spare corner of the kitchen...with two baskets still untouched! I know we can wrap and store any unblemished ones... but I'm not sure if we'll get around to that. At least we can go mad with crumbles...yum!

Have to do the pears next..

Sunday, 14 September 2008


Coralia Earrings

Here we are then...results of playing with my new toy. I had a couple of hours of fun, locked away in my 'workroom' (sounds so posh, doesn't it? My new name for the utlity room!), whilst the children hurtled past the window; back and forth; bang bang on the window - giggle, giggle - back and forth; rumble rumble on their scooters; scream; back and forth; knock, knock - giggle, giggle - enjoying the lovely sunshine.
I'm quite pleased with the result - I can see how things will probably evolve. It was great not to have to keep rethreading a needle - in fact, that was bliss! I don't have fingertips that were ever destined to complete dainty tasks like that!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday - prep for using that embellishing machine!

1) ENGLISH ROSE handcarded batts spinning fiber 4.3 oz / FeltStudioUK 2)Tweet Tweet Birdie 2 - Brooch/Pin / materialised 3) Felted Wool Sweater Scraps - Purple / Cofygirl 4) Felt Scene Brooch no1 / SarasTextureCrafts 5) Cyndi bitsNpieces luxury novelty spinning kit with FREE Angelina / luxe 6)Circles - Textile Art Mini Cushion in Blue / shunklies

Mmmm! So many beautiful things!
This, I guess, is a natural progression from yesterday's post. Whilst I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show, my new and very exciting purchase was delivered...an embellishing machine! I am SO excited about it! I promised this as a treat to myself, and it's here at last! I can't wait to get started with it, and in honour of that, this weeks' Shopping List has uncovered some textile delights.
The fibres are beautiful, aren't they? Gorgeous colours - and great names, too! Perfect for any project. I love the fact that these jumpers and wool garments can arrive on your doorstep pre-felted, ready for use...so convenient.
For inspiration towards achieving great results, look no further than these fabulous brooches - so beautiful - and this scrumptious cushion - eyecandy for your favourite chair!

*For more great ideas on what to spend your money on this weekend, take a look at the blogs in the Shopping List Saturday:Check Out Their Lists! (in the righthand sidebar). So many choices from so many sellers! Shop at etsy, and buy handmade!!

Let Loose For The Day!

Don't you just want to dive in to this little heap of goodies??!
I had a day to myself yesterday...completely free to do as I pleased, linger as long as I cared, and shop to my heart's content. How great is that?
I went along to Birmingham, for the Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC. It was amazing! Smaller than the Festival of Quilts, I believe, but definitely worth the trip. There were some fabulous works of textile art to muse over, and plenty of bookstalls to indulge that passion of mine...and of course, many many wondrous things available that I simply couldn't go home without!
The day also meant that I could meet Michala from Kaylacoo for the first time - which was wonderful. A gorgeous lady, with impeccable brooch sense! It was terrific to chat with her and her Guild friends about textiles, and whilst doing so, we also met up with Gina - ooh, the things I get up to when I'm allowed out on my own...!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Grab A Front Row Seat...

I mentioned the other day that I have received some blog awards - and here they are! The purpose of these awards, I believe, is to provide encouragement in the world of blogging, and to recognise those artists and their blogs that we love reading, or dipping into - and simply want to share them with others. Many of these I've chosen will already be known to you. Some are brand new to me, but I want to shout about them because I think they're fantastic; some are pure art - beautiful work, a calming read; some are great supporters of fellow artists and sellers...you get my drift.

*If award nominees wish to accept their awards, simply provide a link back to the person who presented the award; nominate 6 or 7 recipients and provide links for them; finally, leave a note on their blogs to tell them the good news!

So, without further ado...
Firstly, thank you, Jackie (creator of sublime and wondrous works of embroidered art), over at dogdaisychains, for presenting me with this award! I need to choose 7 blogs to pass this on to, and here they are - enjoy! :

gunnel svensson
nic hohn
hello zukzuk
art plus craft

This gorgeous little award came to me from Esther and Estella, the duo behind Star of the East. I'm honoured to receive this from them, because their jewellery, as regular readers of this blog will have heard many times before, is absolutely amazing...truly wonderful - so thank you, ladies! These are my 7 nominations:

Thank you, Jackie for this lovely award - I'm very honoured! I'm passing this on to these 6 other blogs:

I hope you all enjoy these wonderful blogs as much as I do! There are so many great blogs out there...I would have liked to nominate Viv at hensteeth, too - but I'm pretty sure she's had these already!

On My Desk Wednesday

Not strictly speaking 'on my desk' today...but this week. Following on from a couple of days' posts ago - the Enchanted collar, almost complete. Just a few more buttons and sparkles to add, and it'll be ready to go.

For a little nose at other bloggers' desks, pop over to kootoyoo's blog, and check out the full list of players!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Whirr, Click, Whizz, Bang...Ta Da!

Okay - so today I had a brainwave. It doesn't happen very often, so I made the most of it!
Remember yesterday, I lamented the near uselessness of the soluble film that I'd bought? Well, I continued to have a bit of difficulty with it again this morning, so I took a minute to think...and to stay calm! That's a bit of a surprise, to say the least...!
I work in the utility - ahem! my studio - room. I iron the fabrics before I use them/ during the stitching processes. The tumble drier (with regret - so NOT eco-friendly) is burbling away, with the pipe out of the window, and it's raining heavily outside, warm inside....DING!! There's my problem! The film is getting ever so slightly damp whilst I'm using it....so, move rooms....ta da!! Problem pretty much solved! So why hadn't I thought of that before?! Soluble film - the clue is in the title - dissolves in water...I was born with a brain, honest (although those nearest and dearest to me do doubt that sometimes).

I promised news today of those awards I've been given. Apologies...I'm going to aim to do it tomorrow. I need to think about who I'd like to pass them on to, so I'd rather do it all together, all at once, in a nice little package. sealed and ready to go with a big bow on top. xx

The picture above is my new necklace, Summer's End, which should be in one of my shops tomorrow...but which one?* Decisions, decisions....
*Added to my etsy shop

Monday, 8 September 2008

Logs, Logs, Glorious Logs...

Second post of the day! I must be keen...
Need any decorative logs around your home?? An alcove to fill, maybe? Okay, less of the sales spiel.. If you're in a curious mood, why not check out the woodcutter's brand spanking new website that launched today? It is new, like mine, so any comments are more than welcome - especially if you find a glitch or two (but hopefully not).

Back to Work...

Just to prove that I'm trying to get back to the grind!
With the children now fully ensconced at school, and the woodcutter's arm on the mend, I took an hour or two to myself...just me and the sewing machine.

I've never used soluble film before - and I'm not going to say that it was a doddle. I gave it my best shot. I've learned a lesson or two in the process - the main one being 'read all the details before you go headlong into snapping up a bargain!'
I know, I know...I can hear your wise words from here....because it never is a bargain, is it?! There's always some drawback or other, isn't there? I'd searched high and low over quite a few hours, in search of said soluble stuff, at a price that was right. Bingo!! Ten metres and only a teeny bit more than the price of five!! I bestowed many congratulations upon myself...well done for persevering, I thought. Big pat on the back!

And I waited.

Within three days, a rather small parcel arrived. I thought nothing of it..too small to be the film. Only I was wrong. It was the film. And the parcel was small because...it was a bit 'wrong'. I double-checked the invoice. Yep, 10 metres. So why so small...? Oh, I see...so small because it's only 15cms wide!!!! I ask you!! That'll teach me, won't it?! What were we always told at school, just before our exams commenced? Hmmm - I remember now...always read the question through first!!
Such a fool.
Anyhoo. I'm managing the film with a few pins and some strategically placed tape, and an absolute TON of tissue paper strapped to the sewing machine, the table (which has a pvc surface, so of course the film sticks to it. Like glue), and anything within arm's reach. The pic above shows a small section of the result. I'm adding plenty of sparkly beads and a clasp, and I'll see how it looks.

On a lighter note, I've received a little handful of blog awards over the last few days. How great is that?! I feel well and truly honoured! I'll have more information for you tomorrow, then I can regale you properly with all the juicy details!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Quick Catch Up For You...

This is what I've been up to whilst I've been away...not very much sewing going on, is there? Actually, that was really the point. I had the last two weeks of the girls' summer holidays off, so that we could spend time together properly. It was lovely!

We didn't 'do' a huge amount, really. We had some rather slow mornings...which often crept into the afternoon ...that almost turned into complete 'pyjama days'!! No harm in that, is there? It's just what holidays are about in my book.

We saw some old friends, we read a lot, we drew a lot, we sat round watching a few films with the biscuit barrel nearby (naughty!), and we felt sorry for the woodcutter. Yes, that's him in the pic, third row down on the left. Carpal tunnel surgery. Not uncommon, I know, but as florcita commented (on flickr), ouch...ouchouchouch! The picture of the spider's web is there because the first of September dawned, and despite the gentle glow of sunshine (for an hour or so, anyway) at 8.30 a.m, there was certainly the feel of autumn creeping up on us. Crisply clear, heavy with dew and a weeny nip in the air.

Those gorgeous flowers were sent to me by a fabulous friend...who doesn't love the feeling of opening the front door to receive a bouquet...especially when it is a complete surprise!!? Afternoon tea in the Pump Rooms, Bath (glorious!) was enjoyed by all of us - both girls have since been heard playing 'teatime at the Pump Rooms' (eldest always has to be Daddy), so I think they enjoyed the experience!!

So what of the wooden sculpture? That's a huge boar, which was built in the grounds of Taurus Crafts, Lydney...and then burned, in a pagan-esque ceremony at dusk. Youngest made a lantern, of which she was very pleased, and we joined the throngs on the sidelines, lantern alight, to watch it burn. Something quite intoxicating about a jolly good bonfire, isn't there?

Finally, we're rather proud of our decorative logs - for sale on ebay - and this is a pic taken for use on our upcoming (though not yet live) website, The Log Basket. Exciting!!

Hope you all had a good summer, despite the awful weather. Just think, Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

How About Paris for Some Shopping??

1)Vintage Paris Postcard Collage Mini Drop Necklace/ArtUnderGlass 2)ENCHANTING PARIS Banner/Garland (Pure Silver Glass Glitter /WrenCottage6 3)Bonjour Paris purse / Lilla 4)Entrance Gate Handmade Cushion / bridgetdavies 5) French Goddess Pin / beyondwordslouise 6)Paris Apron made from antique grain sacks Melissa Neufeld / melissaneufeld 7)Metro 12x12 in Print / johnwgolden 8)Elegant Paris Tags – Set of 8 / amongthehedgerows 9)Paris Cherie low rise hipster / queenBlingerie 10)Bonjour Paris Linen Pin Cushion /chetanddot 11)In Love With Montmatre – Paris / happyhomewall 12)Paris is for Lovers – 8x10 Fine Art Print / irenesuchocki

Time for another Shopping List! This week, I’m still in holiday mode. We sat chatting as a family the other afternoon – if we could go anywhere for the day, where would we go? My choice? Well, it would have to be The Old Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor, Egypt...but that’s a long way to go just for one day!
So, this is my runner-up...gay Paris! Romantic, beautiful, chic, dramatic, a bit saucy (!), arty, eclectic and stimulating. It’s a good few years since I was last there, so in a way this little selection is an ode to that intoxicating city– enjoyed but not forgotten. I know it’s there, waiting for me....
These items are full of fanciful 'Frenchness' , aren’t they? They are quirky, decadent and evocative – and most importantly, beautifully handmade......I just wish I had a hope of squeezing into those cheeky hipsters – I love ‘em!

Going shopping today? Check out etsy before you go. You’ll be amazed at what you find there!

Please take a look at some other great etsy sellers who blog, listed on the right (Shopping List Saturday:Check Out Their Lists!), for more fab shopping ideas. Would you like to join in with this meme? Just let me know - we'd love to have you!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Look What I Won!

Ooh, it's been a long time, hasn't it? Did you miss me? Good to be back...

My couple of weeks off began really well - look what arrived in the post for me! I won a blog giveaway...from Sara, at Sara's Texture Crafts...for these earrings! Sara produces gorgeous felt earrings and brooches, fabric packs and beads (here and here), and a huge range of written articles in various places - they always make for good, informative reading. Check out her blog for more information and for great hints, tips and general chat. She's a mine of information on fibres and embellishing, and is incredibly helpful and very giving of her time. Thank you, Sara. Love the earrings!!
Something else that may be of interest to you out there...printable canvas/linen/cotton A4 sheets that you can safely put through your home printer. Really?? Yes! Sara sells them here, and I've just purchased a couple of each to try them out. Interesting, isn't it? I'm thinking that I'll try and print some cabochons of historical figures, that I can edge with embroidery and include in some jewellery....could work, couldn't it?
Speaking of jewellery - I took a break from that too, so I have to get myself motivated! Things have slowed down in my shops lately (not adding anything new doesn't help), and simply renewing items isn't cutting the mustard. Must get working!!
Shopping List Saturday time tomorrow, so I think Sunday I'll give you a taster of what you've missed going on here whilst I've been away...