Sunday, 14 June 2009

Shopping List Saturday

I'm a bit late again this weekend with my Shopping List. Oh dear. Let's hope no-one noticed...

This week, a small list again, but it contains my most recent Etsy favourites. Little gems indeed. Here they are - see what you think (and you must check out their stores...packed full of loveliness, all of them):

1)To the skyline pendant/ flightpathdesigns

2)Bathtub - 5x7 Fine Art Print/ janeheller

3)Underwater revelry.../ barefootweaver

4)The Romance -- original illustration --/ fricdementol

I just love all of these...hope you do too.

For many more Shopping Lists from fellow Etsy sellers, do click on the links in the sidebar. If you would like to join us, just let me know! Hope you all have a happy week ahead xx


fric_de_mentol said...

Dear Charlotte, I'm a huge fan of your Shopping Lists Saturday! It's an enormous pleasure being part of it! :)
Many thanks!*

Anonymous said...


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Kendall Micayla said...

oh everything is lovely!! i especially love the top piece.

Anonymous said...

I have a tub like that...I never thought of cerating an image of it though...might be inspired to do so now...

Leigh Shepherd said...

Your selection is as always, wonderful. I especially like the wee pendant:)

Anonymous said...

Join in and "dish."

Tell us ~ Which EtsyCreator steals your HEART...

Have a lovely day,