Wednesday, 10 December 2008

On My Desk Wednesday

Christmas is coming and the goose (well, 'I am'..) is getting fat(ter)...!!
Yep, preparations have begun in earnest for the festive season. Hurrah! Sunday afternoon, I fancied a cosy family afternoon, huddled in front of the woodburner, creating new (yet recycled) Christmas decorations...all of us. (I like the idea of making something new each year - and I do keep them until they fall apart! I still have a felt tree I made with my Aunt's help when I was about six).

Go on - guess what happened? Correct! I ended up doing it pretty much alone!! Well, not strictly speaking true, I suppose. The cutting up of the wallpaper strips was done by the woodcutter and youngest...eldest occupied herself with making invitations for the 'production' that they're both going to perform for us on Christmas Eve.
Tonight will see us head off to school for the first evening performance of the school Christmas play. Victorian in theme, it will feature many songs from Oliver. How will I be able to resist joining in?!! My parents would love to come see it, but as my father is in ill health, eldest thought the solution could be to perform the whole thing in miniature for them...on Christmas Eve, whilst they are here with us for the day. Aah.

So, what's on my desk? Well, our recycled wallpaper sample book cornets and snowflakes. I have it in my head that we must make many, many more...we shall see. I'm also guilty of preventing eldest from finishing her angel (seen in centre right pic); I need to starch and iron some fabric for the wings for her. Best be off and do my duty, then!

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Gina said...

It all sounds wonderfully festive in your house Charlotte. Love the decorations.

Marian said...

I wish I had this christmassy spirit taking over me. I think it is the fact that for me x-mas means beach and sun...not snow and cold weather. Christmas, in my head, is outdoors. Weird, uh?
Anyway, looks wonderful! I think you need to transmit this christmas spirit to others by posting a tutorial on... one of those paper thingies you are making... :)
Don't I have great ideas?? :)

Jackie said...

What a lovely mosaic of your great decorations.

trisha too said...


we love homemade Christmas decorations, and make a little something "new" every year, too!

okay, not everyone participates here, either, at least anymore, but it's still fun, and the children always like looking at what they've made in years past as we decorate the tree.

'fancypicnic' said...

You're right, trisha - my girls always have to listen to the same old story EVERY time I get out one of the boxes of tree decorations (the same cardboard cracker box that my mum stored hers in 40 yrs ago...bit sorry around the edges now, sadly, but it will keep going!), and a couple of decs made when I was a child...but that's Christmas, isn't it? Traditions!!

Thank you, Gina, and Jackie xx

Marian - maybe I get too much Christmas spirit! As for the tutorial...hmmm...

katy said...

oh, i want to sit in front of a cozy fire making ornaments!