Sunday, 14 December 2008

Shopping List Saturday

Oops - a little late; sorry folks!
You can see what my theme is this weekend! I've come over all robin-y lately...we've been looking for little figures to make some sugar-snow-scenes in jam jars. Every time I see a little robin I can't resist it!

1)Robin greetings card - pack of 5/ AlexandraAshby1 - isn't he just gorgeous?!
2)Orange Dot Robin Egg Blue Porcelain Tumblers/ SimplyDaisy - just couldn't resist popping these in here...I love them!
3)Robin Stitchery Pattern/ JanetClare - if I only had the patience to embroider properly, I could have a robin on everything!
4)Winter Holly Berry Nest Large Clothespin Ornament, Needle Felted/ winsomehollow - I adore everything that Katy produces; this nest is delightful and fits the bill perfectly.
5)Silver Robin ring/ ShereDesign - something a little different, and rather fabulous, don't you think? Yes, please!
6)Single Robin - Cutout Christmas Card/ pocketstudio - perfect!I love the cleanness of this card, and the robin is cute and colourful!

Hope you've enjoyed this little selection...please click on the links in the sidebar for more picks from fellow Etsy sellers!


katy said...

such a beautiful list... well, i'm a lover of birds, if you couldn't guess!
and thanks for sneaking in my nest among such beautiful pieces ;)

Kristen said...

I love the bird theme...and that ring is amazing!

edward and lilly said...

Great list again, those tumblers are to die for!

Cary Walker said...

beautiful. katy's nests are even sweeter in person!

Linda Crispell said...

Who wouldn't love receiving any of these lovely things?

Sophie Appleby said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! What a cute bird theme you have this week, I think this Shopping list Saturday is going to come addictive, I love it. Hope you are having a lovely week!

Chelsea Ling said...

what a cute little mosaic :)

Jackie said...

You must look at this ..scroll down a bit and watch the video

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh, Jackie - thanks! It's brilliant!!

silverpebble said...

many thanks for dropping by - I see Jackie told you to come and check out my (b)log!

Such lovely lovely robins - I was listening to a programme on the radio this morning examining why they were a Christmas bird - tameness (they used to follow wild boar around to eat the grubs they unearthed - now it's gardeners instead), singing throughout the winter and distinctive colouring against the snow. Magic

Marian said...

such pretty birds! I will rejoin this one day when I can see pics in etsy again! :)