Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Looking Forward...

A belated happy new year to you!

Why this picture? Well, I think the deep shadows really capture my mood - but I love the glow of warmth from the strong highlights and new growth of gorgeous honeysuckle. I always find I feel a bit, the start of the New Year. For many people, it heralds new beginnings, new ventures and a sensation of casting off the old, and embracing the new. It probably says a lot about my personality that for me, the shrugging off of the old is not really something I enjoy. Why is that, I wonder? Out of my comfort zone? Probably!!

I gave the old sewing machine a complete break this now I need to focus on those creative challenges that I've been pondering for a while. I'm completely behind with reading everyone's blogs, so apologies for that...I feel SO out of touch now! The woodcutter needs an extra pair of hands these days, so it is possible that I will be writing a little less over these coming months. A balancing act is in order I think. Here's to productivity, creativity and a reasonable amount of semi-decent organisation!!


hens teeth said...

Hi Charlotte
Good to read your post.
I hope you can find your work/creative balance soon.

Gina said...

Wishing you a productive, creative, balanced but most of all very happy new year!

Sophie Appleby said...

Hi Charlotte,

Lovely to see your post, I have missed them very much. Wishing you a fabulous 2009 full of lovely adventures and balanced moments.
Sophie x

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Beautiful photograph! I hope everything works itself out for a wonderful 2009!

Gunnels blog said...

Hi Charlotte! Take care and take your time, I am sure you will find your balance in you life and with your creative work again. Sometimes we need a break, don´t you think?!
xx Gunnel

Jackie said...

Hi Charlotte
Happy New Year. I think the dark mornings are so depressing so I don't do them now. I stay in bed till it gets light and then stay up late at night. I know you can't do that when you have children to get to school. I used to hate it. It made me so depressed. But I feel altogether better nowadays and positively look forward to the New Year.

emma lamb said...

Hi Charlotte,

Happy new year :)
I'm sure no one will mind a few less posts if it means you have more time with your sewing machine!


Dot said...

Hi Charlotte...

Welcome back! I have missed your posts but are very happy you have taken some time out.

And I agree with you about the new year, it doesn't always bring good feelings with it.

I am sure you will find the balance you need. Blogging can be very time consuming and I think it's important to take time out from time to time.

I send you lots of love and good wishes for the new year. There are a couple of little packages heading your way for your girls this week.

Lots of love

Dot xx

Marian said...

Happy new year to you too!
I get nostalgic with the new year... especially if it was a good year... its a weird feeling.
Hope everything is OK with you!

Kayla coo said...

Happy New Year Charlotte,
January can be such a bleak month and I too find dark days depressing.
Spring is not far away and I always find that it's a good time to be creative.
So have fun with your stitching!xx

Anonymous said...

ooooh! you're back! we missed you, dearie. have faith and hope, january will pass and a bright new vision and purpose will move you.

Cathy Cullis said...

Best wishes to you. I can understand the mixed feelings a new year brings - I usually find it tricky too. I hope you enjoy your creative time and have a very good 2009 - Cathy

Heloise said...

Hi Charlotte,
Good see you back. May the thought of spring keep you going. Good luck with life balancing, not always easy.

ana carina said...

Good Year to you too!

I like embracing the new, but I always feel nostalgic by this time.. don't know why..


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,

What an absolutely gorgeous photograph to start the new year with. I love the colours too.

Wishing you and your family a (belated!) happy new year and if you find out the secret to organising please let me know, I am VERY disorganised and the hours just seem to whizz by (well, when I'm making things they do ! )

Phillipa x