Friday, 9 January 2009

Shopping List Saturday

Shopping time again!! Who needs an excuse?!
No theme this Saturday, just a selection of my favourites for you to peruse at your leisure...enjoy!

1) Artsy pink and green mixed media mosaic pendant with ribbon necklace/ mistflowerstudio – this is delicious, isn’t it? Be sure to pop in to Valerie’s shop for many more artful mosaic beauties.
2) different bits bag/ SCRAPdannymansmith – I love this : unique and groovy.
3) Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve - Vintage Anatomy Image on Linen - Valentine Brooch/ shavingkitsuppplies – Quirky and fun; irresistible!
4)Indian silk Heart brooch / calexandra – of course I’m going to love this...and Indian silk, too...
5) Pocket mirror etching of a spider mum flower drawing/ HelenGotlib – A gorgeous gift, or a treat for your handbag!
6) Clown in deep plum purple/ ninu –Roomy and stylish..I need this!

Welcome to Leslie from 3birdsofafeather joining us this weekend for the first time. Do take a little time to check out the links to fellow Etsy bloggers and their Saturday picks...find them in the sidebar on the right. (We’re worldwide, so our posting times do vary)
Happy handmade shopping this weekend!


emma lamb said...

oooooo! i love the clown bag too, i'm always on the lookout for the perfect knitting bag and this could be it...


hens teeth said...

Gorgeous choice Charlotte, as always.

Kayla coo said...

Great items Charlotte.x

Morgan said...

Your crafts are so lively and joyful!

Cary Walker said...

love it!! so soft and pretty

katy said...

wonderful collection... they all look so lovely grouped together

happy new year!

Kristen said...

I need that purse too! Another great list :)

shahbaz said...

Use printable coupons to save money on every purchase.

mimilove forever said...

Happy New Year Missus! Eeek/arghh balancing acts...I'll see your Woodcutter and raise you a Kilnman waving VAT returns ;0)

Anyroad make sure the balance weighs in the sewing machine's favour!

Looking forward to your fablus New Year crafty lovlies x;0)