Sunday, 9 November 2008

Shopping List Saturday a day late!

Firstly, apologies for missing yesterday's post! I just wish I could find the time to write my posts in advance....I don't know how those who manage to do that, manage it!
I have a feeling that I'm not the only one to do this with my Shopping List this theme, no colour link, just exactly what you'll find on my favourites list this week! These have all caught my eye whilst dipping in and out of Etsy this week, so really you're just getting a little glimpse into 'my world'....enjoy!

1)Purple Branch Necklace - Purple and Lime /OlliesWoollies - I love the organic nature of jewellery like this. I feel like I've just discovered it on an exotic beach! It's that purple and lime again.....a winning combination in my book!
2)Walnut Babies Christmas Ornaments - set of 6 (Red Duvet) /SunnyDayArtandCraft - I know two little girls - and their friends - who would be in Little Girls' Heaven if they could get their hands on these! Adorable - they come in other colours, too!
3)Silver grey silk cuff /dogdaisy92 - I just adore Jackie's work. I know first hand that it is exquisitely made, with beautiful fabrics...I would buy everything she makes, if I possibly could. Gorgeous.
4)Art House Pin/ sillyboodilly - Love the buttons, love the trim...and she also makes lovely vintage fabric bracelets too, with fabulous co-ordinating buttons. Take a look!
5)Black Panther Bracelet /triz - triz is a new discovery for me, found through an etsy 'favourite' list. Stunning, dramatic items of jewellery like this, that will surely get you noticed. A definite new favourite for me!
6)Embellished Needlepoint Wrist Cuff - size 7.00(W538) /lesjardinsdevie - one word: needlepoint. The time it must take!! I am in awe of anyone with such staying power! The results are wonderful - colourful and feminine, with really pretty embellishments.
7)Wool Pear / WhimsyByJess - Just love this! A sweet play toy, but utterly cute filling a fruit bowl adorning your table!
8)Clara, the Eco-Friendly Sock Mouse /kevor - I could easily battle it out with my girls for custody of this precious little sweetie. Isn't she terrific? Best get in there quickly before I do...I think I must have her!

Did you find the other Etsy sellers Lists this week, whilst I was away? Do click on their links in the sidebar - everyone finds great items that I bet you haven't seen before! Welcome, too, to a new player this week: lovely to have you, Shelly!


Jackie said...

Thank you.

Shannon Duffy said...

I have been eyeing ollieswoolies shop for a while now! I love it all. The walnut babies are a must have for my daughters mini christmas tree. Nice list.

Kayla coo said...

Hi Charlotte,
Lovely items and I hope to do my list tonight.
We have had a hectic weekend,I need more hours in the day! M x

hens teeth said...

Lovely choices Charlotte.

lieblingartcrafts said...

Well worth the wait! I really adore those wool pears :)

steph said...

some real beauties, you have here! i adore ollieswoolies.

Victoria said...

Great selection! I am tickled to be a part of it, thanks so much!

Triz Designs said...

wonderful items, I found some new favourites! thank you so much for including my Black Panther Bracelet on your list!!!

Marian said...

lovely choices, like always. I missed mine too... can it be done 2 days later???? sorry.......

ana carina said...

Wonderful picks!!