Wednesday, 5 November 2008

On My Desk Wednesday

Not a very good picture...picnik has given me a bit of a helping hand, but it's not great. Ah, well - this is what is on my desk right now. A cushion I have made as a gift for my parents' ruby wedding anniversary. The stitching isn't great - my machine is playing up a little. It keeps looping and failing to pick up the lower thread unless I only stitch in one direction. Why???!! I've fiddled and faffed, but I can't solve it. Could be a slight problem for making new jewellery....eek! Any ideas? I've tried changing thread and needles, adjusting tensions, all knobs (you know what I mean!) set to zero as the feed dogs are joy. Oh dear!

Hop over to kootoyoo's blog for more desk culture.


emma lamb said...

I love reds so i love your picture :)

If nothing works with your machine get it serviced, there could be stray threads caught up in the mechanisims somewhere, it's usually what happens with mine.


'fancypicnic' said...

I've thought of that, Emma- it's clean and thread free...and brand new, as I took the other back and complained! Thanks though xx

emma lamb said...

Maybe there is some kind of fault with the model you have? try google-ing it and see if anything comes up :)