Saturday, 29 November 2008

Shopping for Reindeer...Shopping List Saturday Style

I couldn't help myself! We held our school Christmas Fair yesterday afternoon, which is always a flurry of excitement for the children (how many weeks are there 'til Christmas, Mummy?!), and topped the day off with a Christmassy evening watching the local parade as Father Christmas arrived to switch on the town lights...lovely!

This week, in honour of the great man's impending arrival, and the intensive training course that must be in full force up in the North Pole right now, my shopping list is dedicated to the speciality that is his transport...the gorgeous reindeer. How wonderful are they?!

1)Reindeer 8x8 Fine Art Print/ Sharon Montrose - wow. Just look at him in all his glory! Fabulous, fabulous image.

2)Reindeer Brooch/ lupin - too cute, don't you think? UK based (quite local to me, in fact) lupin's shop is packed full of sweet little handstitched felt pieces - something for everyone.

3)Deer (Original)/ meobrien - magical. This reminds me of a fairytale, or something from my dreams...from deep within our forest, perhaps?

4)10 Retro Reindeer Adhesive Gift Tags/ thecraftpantry - these SO take me back!! The Christmases of my childhood...I'm thrilled to have found them!

5)Pomegranate Deer Plush/ followthewhiterabbit - I know my girls would fall in love with this little beauty...who wouldn't? And if pinky tones aren't your thing, they are available in practically every colour of the rainbow.

6)Bunny Races - Print/ amberalexander - oh, so lovely, to finally discover what the deer and rabbits get up to during the night! Gorgeous.

I hope these appeal to you as much as they do to me. Why not check out fellow etsy sellers picks this weekend, by clicking on the Shopping List Saturday links in the sidebar? Please bear in mind that we are all in different time zones, so our posting times will vary.

If you'd like to play along with our Shopping List meme, just let me know! Happy weekend!


Marian said...

I've been struggling with Etsy for the past 3 days! I don't know what is going on, I can't see pictures... nothing! which is quite essential for window shopping and REAL shoping which I should be doing right this minute!
I can see the pics here in your blog, but not the mini etsy...weird. Tried on microsoft, Linux... 3 different computers... aaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Cary Walker said...

very cute! i'm excited for christmas this year!

edward and lilly said...

awww, so cute, I love the pomegranate one.

Anonymous said...

so festive!

Dot said...

I really appreciate you putting these together Charlotte! It is lovely to discover new Etsy sellers.