Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How Hard Can It Be...?

Recently, I was asked about how I take my jewellery pics...here's the answer.

During the winter, I find it SO hard to get a reasonable image because the light is so poor most days...usually the days I'm ready with work to photograph! This is my way around it; it works...sometimes.

I move as close to a bright (well, the brightest one in the house at any given time) window as I can, cover the sill and part of the way up the wall with white paper, and then quite often, I end up doing this...stacking a pile of magazines or books up high, then plonking the item down on top - to avoid windowframes casting any slightly dark shadows over the piece. Click to 'macro' on my camera (I only have a point-and-shoot, so nothing very technical) and Bob's your uncle.

Is it awful to admit how amateur one really is?


Laura said...

Yay! Another un-fancy photographer! I don't have a posh photo set up either. All you need is good old white paper and a camera with a good macro function, isn't it?

I don't believe in expensive lighting and light tents. :o)


Tamsyn said...

I don't think with your photos it is just about the light..it is all about how you 'see'. A professional photographer was looking at my photo's I have for sale and I said 'I'm not a real photographer' I just have a point and shoot, he replyed that I was and even with the best equipment may not get a much better shot. He then bought one of my photos!

Your photographs are outstanding. Some people even with all the best equipment could not get anything close to your images. I love the colours and how you show the textures of your work.

Thanks for the tips.

Tamsyn x

Chocolate and Steel said...

I agree with Tamsyn. Your photos are really pretty because you have an interesting point of view. I especially love your banner pic. It's really unique.

Allison said...

I feel like I have done everything except stand on my head to get good photos, and I am still very dissatisfied with my results. I've recently started taking photos close to natural sunlight and it has helped, but they just don't turn out super crisp and professional. We even have a really nice camera, but I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong. If the sun in out tomorrow, I would like to try your paper in the window "technique". (fingers are crossed)

On another note, I don't think that I have ever heard the phrase "Bob's your uncle", but I think I get what you are saying.

Dot said...

Thanks for sharing some of your tricks of the trade Charlotte! I think you take lovely photo's.

And you don't need to be a professional photographer to take great photo's.

Wish my photo's were half as good as yours :)

Dot xx

P.S By the way my word verification for this comment was grimp - that made me laugh!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

And it works so beautifully for you! Your photos are always top notch!!

Marian said...

but it works! I do almost the same thing. I saw not too long ago one of those small white bubble thingies all white with lights to get good pics, and I thought yeah...will go alter to get it...didn't, was gone.
So now is still window and white paper. I do have a digital reflex with and a macro lens and I am so happy I invested in it!

Contessa Kris said...

I am always juryrigging something to take a decent picture. I am planning on making a lightbox. There are several plans on the inet from simple cardboard box to a plastic piping thing. I may go with an inbetween. Your pictures are always stunning.

Kendall Micayla said...

oooohhhhhh! So thats how you do it- pretty amazing!