Sunday, 15 March 2009

Something New...

Just time for a super-fast post at the end of a lovely day....sunny, happy and shared with friends.

I managed to finish this ruffled collar and take some new photos of daylight!! The days are changing at last, staying brighter for longer, and it makes it SO much easier to take photos of work. This is the same ruffle as here...only now the colours are much closer to the actual piece, thanks to the sun and the lack of artificial light. The addition of a bit of sparkle by way of a showering of beads has made me much happier.

This should be in my Etsy store tonight.


Kendall Micayla said...

ooohhh! Its perfect! I really like it with the beads... wonderful.

Mieke said...

Awesome!! Love it!!!

Gigibird said...

Beautiful colour - I have just bought a t shirt in this colour.

Highland Fairy said... lovely to find your blog, and your flickr!
I got your link for the saturday shopping list from Kayla coo!
I'm now doing one too!
LOVE your work...your!

fleurfatale said...

ooh, this collar is so original!! and beautiful!

Hens Teeth said...

Charlotte ~ Oh the joy of having more daylight!

This is a beautiful piece, really lovely.

Hope you have enjoyed the Spring sunshine today.

mimilove forever said...

yay for sunny days, 'bout piggin time!

Top collaring madam, lovin' the stitchy edging, beading and wine't mind if I do!!
(no offence! xx;0)xx

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Oh it's beautiful... I really love Elizabethan historical dress, so this would make a perfect modern Ruff collar!

Swirlyarts said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have featured you on Cuteable today.

Lynsey x

vadjutka said...

yohoooo, grats Charlotte for the feature on Cuteable!!

Easterya said...

This is SO gorgeous!! WOW!