Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Shopping List Saturday ... oops, Wednesday!

Oh dear. this is so late! Maybe it's a good thing that I'm posting this midweek - it can serve for next Saturday's list, too! A bit cheeky, maybe.....apologies, too, for not making my way around many lists this week xx

I really hope you enjoy the colourful vibrancy of these picks.

1)Colorful, Rainbow Fringe-O-Rama, As Shown With 45 Different Fun, Bright Yarns or U Choose Colors in Custom Order Scarf/ CricketsCreations - Celeste creates the most fabulous, colourful, fringe-y scarves. This is just one of the many beauties in her store. It's really hard to pick a favourite!
2)Picasso Sculptural Necklace, Paper, Wire, Sealed/ taylorseclectic - to quote the item description ... a vivid explosion of color, this necklace has been intricately hand sculpted out of paper and wire. Original, fun and quirky, I love this.
3)Art Textile Brooch/ KaylaCoo - I so enjoy watching Michala's textile pieces emerge from wonderful, vivid sketches to beautifully 'painted' stitched artworks. They are just gorgeous. Her sketches, and more images of her lovely work can be seen here.
4)Handmade Multi-Strand Wrist Cuff Bracelet with Stones/ be2be - I first discovered be2be in a treasury...I love the simple styling of these cuffs, with their lovely colour combinations (more in store). Love them.
5)Sleeping Tree/ zukzuk - you may remember that I have a bit of a 'thing' about Helen's prints. I just love them, and would love to own every single one, in every colourway. This is my latest favourite...but you MUST check out the bear prints in her store. So sweet!
6)Shawl - Phoenix/ vilte - how elegant is this? Gorgeous colours, beautiful fabrics (batik silk chiffon, finest merino wool, lustrous silk and flax)...feel the movement!

For more Shopping List wonders from fellow Etsy sellers, please click on the links in the sidebar. I'll be shopping again in just over a week. Can't wait!


vadjutka said...

wow, truly amazing items! I just love that Picasso necklace from taylorseclectic.

Kendall Micayla said...

You always find the most amazing stuff! :)
Lovely list!! (I really like that ring!)

handmaiden_sharon said...

my fav is that wrist cuff/bracelet

zukzuk said...

Hey Charlotte!

Thanks! I've been away for a bit with spotty internet access and now it's good to get back into it and see what everyone's been up to - you've been busy creating lots of loveliness! Your husband's shop looks great too - those candle holders he makes are so wonderful.

Love your easter pics below.

Happy spring!
p.s. the print is April's giveaway!

Kayla coo said...

Hi Charlotte,
Thanks so much for including my brooch.xx

Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves & "Fringies" Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Why, I do declare, Miss Charlotte, you DO make the most deLECTable selections! ;)

Thanks so much, friend!

Celeste (Crickets)

edward and lilly said...

Great list, I didn't get a chance to do one last week but will be back into it this week xx

Amanda K Lockrow said...

Love the colors in this list. The first item is my favorite.

Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves & "Fringies" Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Thanks, Amanda, for saying my Rainbow Fringe-O-Rama scarf is your favorite! :)
Celeste (Crickets)