Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Bad Hair Day

It's well and truly over now, isn't it? The summer - been and gone, duly replaced by strong winds (yuck) and heavy rain (plays havoc with your hair). Have a picture of my girls' house, with their birdhouse, looking rather sunny and dreamy.
I read on florcita's blog about how Argentinians stay inside with tea and special biscuits when it rains. How great is that? Best idea I've heard for ages!!

I think you can detect that things haven't really moved on since yesterday....I started and discarded three new projects, and spent the afternoon 'researching', ie: devouring historical costume books! My idea of heaven...with the excuse, of course, that I have all of that silk and velvet to play with!


Thank you for everyone's kind words yesterday xx
I hope my oldest friend, the Prawn, had a great birthday yesterday - even if my card didn't arrive until today (sorry) xx
I hope my dear friend, 'back where I used to live', gets through tomorrow's op with a smile on her face (albeit strained!) after a nasty accident yesterday...xx


Jackie said...

Hello! Glad youae inspired. glad I'm not Argentinian...we'd never see the light of day...but the biscuits would be good!
I was just watching a jan beaney dvd today and it was really inspiring. Those sorts ofthings are good to get you going again when you are in a slump. Mind you..you are No 1 at the moment!

Marian said...

Look, my name :P
It's the only thing I like about winter... biscuits and cookies and cakes... I ate them with an excuse: it's cold! Excuse enough for me!

i love your new pieces. the combination of velvet with the mebroidery is really luscious! Love it.