Monday, 6 October 2008

Oh, The Frustration!!!

This could be very dull...I'm having difficulties. Of the artistic kind. For days, I've been full of ideas for new jewellery, new stitchery and even some Christmas ideas. I'm getting nowhere!! I'm faffing, fiddling, snipping and making a huge mess - and that's all.
I'm desperate to get creating, but the so-called font of creativity is definitely holding me back....I haven't got enough hands!! I've made a bowl (small) full of brooches and that's great, but I'm toying with the notion of some rustic grapevine wreaths with some decadent, regalish velvet and silk embroidered hearts bouncing around the periphery on little wires...waste of time??

As for that scrumptious pile of bits and bobs I showed you last Thursday....don't even mention it to me. AAaarrggghhh!!!

*to fight the frustration, I picked these daisies today on a whim after cutting some hydrangea and angelica for the front porch. These really make me happy - and I love my new necklace from eldest. She stitched together this scrummy little pink cupcake for me, topped with a lilac flower. So cute!


Fancy Elastic said...

oooh, I love your jug!

Sorry for the frustration.

Gunnels blog said...

This is the third blogs today I read about frustration ! Do you think we hav too high demand on us?? We are so creative, and we want so much, but sometimes the time isn´t enough, or the energy and sometimes the muse aren´t there and it´s so frustration!

Jackie said...

I think I love the idea of a wreath. I am in the same boat as you too. I am happy with the Harris Tweed stuff but I need to think of some 'other' stuff for delivery at the end of next week! I am out every day this week so heaven knows when I'm going to get it done.

Kayla coo said...

Have a glass of wine and put your feet up and it will work wonders!

hens teeth said...

Is'nt it odd how you, Gigibird and I all posted the same sort of topic on virtually the same day. It may just be the time of year. Maybe we have the thought of Christmas in our heads and it adds pressure??!!

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh, yes, Viv - I think that's it!!

Heloise said...

It's hard when this happens. I know when I did my C&G course it happened for one project in particular so what I did was a brain storm and I found that really helped.