Saturday, 4 October 2008

Shopping List Saturday...Spooky Stuff!

1)Black Cat vintage fabric and felted wool animal/ littleloveblue 2)Spooky Banner/ thepolkadotshop 3)SALE - Funky Tin Halloween Witch Hat Lantern/ funkyshique 4)Witch Vintage Inspired Flash Card Decoration/ paperyjane 5)Halloween Black Wreath with handpainted wooden handtags-witch pumpkin crow/ goodygoodygumdrops 6)Snuggly Wool Mature Pumpkin With Camel-coloured stem sz 6-18mths/ mymarketstall 7)Primitive Bowl Fillers Ornie Halloween Pillow Set pumpkin-witch-crow-ghost/ pudmucklesmercantile 8)ODD BLACK CAT PURR-fect For Your HOLIDAY DECOR/ HoneysuckleLane 9)Honey - I Can't Find My Teeth-Denture Soap-Set of 2 Grapefruit Scented Handmade Goat'sMilk Soap/ aBreathofFrenchair

As promised, last week - a collection of spooky and sinister Halloween doings!

Actually, they're not really sinister at all, are they? Littleloveblue's gorgeous felted cat is simply adorable at any time of the year, and what little 'un wouldn't look a cutie-pie in that Snuggly Wool Pumpkin hat from mymarketstall? As for the odd black cat by HoneysuckleLane, who wouldn't give him a good home?!

Thepolkadotshop's banner, funkyshique's lantern, goodygoodygumdrops' Halloween wreath and paperyjane's flash card sign could easily be popped into any home decor as we enter into the spirit of the day. As for the primitive bowl fillers from pudmucklesmercantile, I could easily see me leaving these out on a long term basis...well, they're too cute to have for just one day! I have to say, though, that with young children in my house, Halloween lasts throughout October and for half of November! Why not? It makes the waiting time for Christmas seem more bearable for them, I think!

Lastly I must mention those denture soaps from aBreathofFrenchair! Aren't they fantastic?! Good for a laugh and a great stocking filler, wouldn't you say?!

*For more etsy sellers' Shopping Lists, click on the links in the sidebar (Shopping List Saturday: Check Out Their Lists!)...and sit back and enjoy. Remember, buy handmade!! Happy weekend to you all!


Anonymous said...

Charlotte, Thanks for including my wreath in your mosaic! I do not have a blog, but my stuff can be found at or on flickr (user name = goodygoodygumdrops). Lots of great stuff in your mosaic! I'm gonna go check out the other Etsy sellers! Thanks again!
Lori (goodygoodygumdrops)

Cary Walker said...

so cute! can't wait till halloween. thanks for including my black cat:)

edward and lilly said...

They're great, I love the little black cat.

Anonymous said...

Those teeth are absolutely fabulous....imagine having those in the bathroom on the side as soap!! great!! Lovely list :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and cute collection of Halloween goodies! I love the denture soaps, too funny!

Erin said...

Those are some great picks!
Can anyone get in on the Saturday Shopping meme or do they have to be etsy sellers too?
I'd love to take part on my blog.

Marian said...

great colletion of spooky things. Halloween is such an unusual thing for me (It isnt celebrated in my home land or here in NL) that I kinda forget that it is the season for it now.

Raike said...
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ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Thanks for including my dental soap!