Tuesday, 14 October 2008

TAG! You're It!...Well, I am...

Okay...so Flo, over at Florcita'sart, has tagged me (bless her). Never one to not rise to a challenge, here are seven facts about me that you may (or may not) know, random or otherwise. Here goes:
1) Now, this is my absolute best fact...always brought out at parties and social gatherings...I was once on stage with the one and only Bobby Crush! Yes, you read this correctly, I did say Bobby Crush...you remember, man at piano, always sporting dashing maroon velvet jacket, boyishly attractive long hair flopping over the collar whilst he played away at the old joanna...remember? That's him! I was about seven at the time, and I was selected from the audience to join him onstage in a rendition of Old MacDonald Had A Farm...I won't tell you which animal I was. It'll ruin the memory!!!

2) As a child, I didn't have wellingtons....my mother packed me off to school in carrier bags over my shoes, secured with elastic bands - oh, the shame of it! Suffice to say, my girls are never short of wellington boots....I can laugh about it now, though, just! My mum's amused by the whole thing..... when we moved here, to the forest, I was given one of the best gifts ever - yes, my own brand new spotty black wellies! Fab or what?!

3)Once, for a few little minutes, I was interviewed on television. Yep, prime time LOCAL tv!!

4)Ornithophobia. I have a completely irrational fear of birds...and it can be a trifle embarrassing at times. If you suffer from this phobia, though, it's difficult to control that blind panic that hits you in town centres, parks and seafronts...next time you see a normally sensible adult woman in the throes of squirming and squealing (quietly), feel sorry for her - it's probably me!

5)I cannot tolerate swede. All orangey and watery and funny tastey and bad smelly. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Please spare me. It makes me wretch involuntarily. Honest. And that's without eating it. I had to stand facing the wall for the whole lunchtime when I was in infant school, for throwing up over the table because some child next to me had it on his plate. His fault, not mine..?

6)I have a bit of a thing about toilet rolls. Hang on - it's not too bad! If the roll is nearing its end, I simply have to start the next one...even though there's still a good few sheets left on the one in use. Why?? It's a compulsion, definitely.

7)I was the first child on my street, in the 70s, to have rollerboots!!! Yay!! Man, I was COOL!! But that was the one and only time...

There you have it! Now that you've seen how completely and utterly mixed up I am, I am going to pass the honour on to these lovely people...let's see what they can offer us!
ethel and edna's tearoom , edward and lilly , half an acre , le bar du vent , miss frugality , fancy elastic , hens teeth

All you have to do, people, is acknowledge the tag from me, list these rules and give us seven facts about yourself. Tag seven more people, link to them and leave a comment for them on their blog...then they know they've been tagged!!


edward and lilly said...

Awwww, thanks lovely, will get to this soon! Love catching up on your blog :)

meherio68 said...

I'm so excited! Thanks!!
Working on it... I have a shoe stry too!

Miss Frugality said...

Rollerblades...but no wellies?!

Thanks for tagging me :-)
I'll need to get my thinking cap on now!

'fancypicnic' said...

I know, Julia - weird, isn't it?! I think the feeling was, I would hardly wear them...and she's probably right!

emma lamb said...

Wow, you have a couple of issues there!
I don't remember having wellies as a kid, just cold wet feet :( at least i didn't have the shame of plastic bags and elastic bands...

Kayla coo said...

I have just done a google search on Bobby Crush to see if I could remember him!
Not sure If I do!

zukzuk said...

Hello there!

I zipped a mosaic from your blog to mine for a post about awards and great creative ladies and such and I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you.


Marian said...

it must be so hard for you to have a bird phobia and live in the forest! poor you,

I want wellies... this year Im getting some!!!whatever the cost!!! haha

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

lol No wellies... you poor little thing. My mum has the bird phobia thing too. It's the flappiness of their wings I think. She can't even walk near pigeons in the street. If we're out with my littley she chases the pigeons and makes them fly up in the air which is even worse for poor mum.
Thanks for the tag. Will have to poner this one to think of things as exciting/funny as yours.

Jackie said...

I'd better get doing my taggee bit because there are so many flying around the web that I might get done again..and there are not that many left to tag!

Half an Acre said...

cool! thanks for tagging me!
got a new post ready too with sock pigs, the homemade paper book and, now, the tagging stuff!
a mid-week post - unheard of from me! do check back!

Fancy Elastic said...

Hi Fancy,

We had wellies, but they were notoriously leaky, so we did the old 'plastic bag inside the wellies' trick.

Thanks for the tag, I've done my 7!


Ruth said...

Love the wellies!