Sunday, 12 October 2008

Busy Bees

Log City. The new name for our abode. Log City.
Phew! Logs coming out of...well, everywhere!
The Log Basket is currently fulfilling an order for a major restaurant chain (revised: for display purposes - walls of logs). The woodcutter has built a huge kiln to dry the logettes out - there are a couple of thousand of them in need of a jolly good baking. The fire is stoked every feels very primitive, squatting down at the Alice in Wonderland sized mini doorway, feeding yet more logs and twigs into the embers. The woodsmoke has a fabulous aroma, that fills the air around our workshop. It's hard work, and we are indebted to my father-in-law for all his help over the past few days. xxx

What else has been occuring? Well, more textile jewels are underway, but the light was far too poor to take any decent photos. Another job for tomorrow....


Jackie said...

Will the restaurants use the logs or just display them? When we were in Greece we went to a bakery near a a monastery and in the shop under the table were three sacks of flour and a chain saw for the wood for the oven. It was as hot as Hades on Symi but bakers all stand there and work in the heat. All the bakers ovens seem to be wood fired.

'fancypicnic' said...

Good point, Jackie - for display...walls of logs.

Marian said...

how cool is that? Your logs are so neat and pretty! lots of work, right?
congrats on the big sale and lots of hard work but better than...sitting around, right?