Thursday, 30 October 2008

Merry-Go-Round...scary style!

Jump on the merry-go-round and join a group of artists/ crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little bit about their lives in art and craft!

Our question this month, with Hallowe'en just around the corner, is: 'What is the scariest part of your art/craft?'

Hmm, well, I had to think about this one for a good few minutes. Firstly, my reaction was well, where do I start? However, the more I pondered it, the more I realised that actually, none of it is really scary...although a lot of it feels rather risky at times!

I remember that moment very vividly, when I first made the decision to take the plunge, and 'set up shop'. I had absolutely no idea where to begin. I could barely use a computer, except for moderate use of Illustrator and Photoshop, and a little bit of internet shopping experience (naturally - I am a girl after all!) to help me along. I suppose that initial tentative foray into the world of selling online was a teeny bit scary. I would sit staring at the screen for what was surely hours on end, willing it to suddenly spring to life and do all the hard work for me...or at least ring a bell or two and flash every now and then to point me in the right direction!!

But that was then...and now, I'm loving it! I am completely suited to being this anonymous shopkeeper; I can work in my pyjamas (something we all do - right?!) and no-one knows. I can assume a managerial role if need be, and I don't even need to have washed my hair...let alone 'put my face on'! It's perfect for me! There are still things that might bother me a little (ok, maybe a lot...I am a worrier), like fulfilling a custom order - they've put their faith in me, I have to provide them with exactly what they want, and on time...pyjamas or no pyjamas! It's made me realise now, as I lounge on the cusp (ha ha! more like left of the centre!) of middle-agedness, that I can only do my best - as long as I do that, it'll see me through. That's what my Mum told me; it's what I tell my girls...and d'ya know? I think it's right! What's scary about that, eh?!!

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Easterya said...

Oh yes, custom orders, forgot to mention that!! Scary as hell for me too! But least you're a dressed virtual shopkeeper...Ok, I'll stop there!!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

ah, ha... I knew I wasn't the only one sitting here in my PJs!!


Ruth said...

Custom orders are scary! Scary that they'll like them and pay up!...(she writes as she's in her pajamas...)
Glad it's less scary now.

Half an Acre said...

so glad its not just me who doesn't get dressed! not much point as i usually get paint on whatever i'm wearing!

Marian said...

I think you do a fantastic job. You are very creative and have a great eye for composition and coordination of colors and textures.
I dont think any of us really knew a whole lot before starting... or well, i didnt... even taking pictures and all the other tricks of how to sell something are always something one ahs to learn... a process. But it is fun... and it all has its risks and maybe it is much more work than one expected and it takes time and all of that... but you are doing what you like, or not?? The most difficult thing might be to achieve a balance between what we like to create and what the demand asks for... but staying true to what one likes is the key, I think. We took this step forward to improve our life and enjoy it, right?? well then.... add some slippers to than pijama now that is cold... and have fun!

Lily Pang said...

You are so right. Your customer put faith on you and you need to fulfill exactly what they want. I am always think here can be better and there can be improved. It is a big responsibility.

meherio68 said...

Pyjama Club Member here!
Thanks for this very bracing view of things. I think your Mum was right and your girls are lucky!

Tamsyn said...

Very funny the comment about sitting in P'js I have just finished uploading my blog, and mentioned that I was having to finish an order at 7.30 in my pj's! I think one of the scariest things for me is the amount I spend(for the business of course)on wool, buttons and customers have noticed a distinct lack of clothing this year in the shop..whoops!