Saturday, 2 August 2008

Shopping List Saturday no 2

As it's the school holidays, I thought I'd focus my Shopping List Saturday on the little people today. With a weeny bit of help from my two, I've put a list together of beautiful products from etsy sellers that once you've seen them, I think you'll feel that neither you nor your little one can do without them!

From the top left:1)fine linen deluxe babywrap- 2)guitar bloomers- 3)bird in the blue and brown paisley bib- 4)Dine n Doodle Roll n Go Crayons (TM) Awesome Alphabet- 5)crochet tea set in pink and white- 6)wee wooden sewing machine- 7)Etsy Cafe Garden Salad- 8)The Secret Mushroom House felted wool art- 9)Fish Mobile- 10)Duck Wooden Pull Toy in Colour Blind Print- 11)Scalloped Scaly Bean Baby-Blue- 12)Spring Sing Wall Letters-

**If you purchase from Lilpeeperkeepers' shop and mention that you saw her deluxe babywrap featured on this blog, Rebecca will only charge you shipping for the first item that you buy! can't be bad.
Fancy joining us with this Shopping List Saturday? Let me know and I'll add you to the list. Great to have so many new players this week - thank you all!

To view other Shopping Lists from fellow etsians, click on the link (Shopping List Saturday:Check Out Their Lists!) to the right of this page....please bear in mind that it is the summer holidays, and some players may be holidaying or taking a break this weekend.


Hello! *waves* ...... said...

great list - looks beautiful when I open up the page!
your mosaic looks great - you never know i may manage a full one for next week!

Hello! *waves* ...... said...

why am I called 'hello *waves*' ????
arghg! its me half an acre!
must change that setting somehow..

Les_Bijoux_Uniques said...

Love the colors!! My faves are the crochet tea pot, LOL!! You'll get that joke if you see my SLS picks ;) And the mobile. That is gorgeous!

Kristen said...

Lovely list, this was fun!
Now I'm looking forward to next Saturday :)

Marian said...

I love the wooden toys from that shop, They are beautiful!
Hey, you got a deal for your readers there, with shipping discounts... you go girl. :P

stephanie said...

i'm loving the kids picks this week, charlotte. how do you do the mosaics? is that a flickr thing?

Kyle said...
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Cary said...

what a great list! I love them all. thanks so much for including me:)

MarmeeCraft said...

Oh! How sweet of you to mention my little bean babies on your beautiful blog! :) Thanks ever so much!! Just look at all these lovely creations!!

hooray! :)