Sunday, 17 August 2008

A New Project

I've decided that enough is enough - my new friend needs a home of its own! Tired of it permanently in residence on my dining table, I've taken action, and here it is - my computer's own, new apartment!
We found it on ebay, and the plan is to sand it down (don't panic - it isn't in brilliant condition) quickly, and paint it white, quickly, and distress it, quickly. All in the hope that it'll look vaguely Swedish, beautifully Scandinavian. Yum. That's the plan...then it should blend in nicely with the rest of the room.
I can't wait! Too many times, we've sat down to eat, and I've almost resorted to placing my plate atop the closed laptop, using it as a glorified table mat! I haven't actually done that, mind you...the look alone from the woodcutter would have knocked me stone dead!


hens teeth said...

Good thinking Batman! Just the job.
Thanks for your comments ~ I get up early!

Marian said...

it's avery nnice piece of furniture. I love wooden, kinda old looking furniture. I would sand it and just give it a good lick of linseed oil and let it stay woody.
Buuuuut... it's your furniture, your house and it has to fit your decor, right?? :)

Jackie said...

It will look beautiful i'm sure but can you get your knees under it?

'fancypicnic' said...

Ha ha, Jackie!!
Good question! Esp with my knees...but yes, I can...with a bit of a slump and some bad posturing...
Only joking!

Half an Acre said...

a whole apartment to itself! you computer is spoilt indeed! Mine has to doss down wherever its dumped - the poor thing!
Its a very nice looking piece - are you sure you're not thinking of painting over some extremely valuable antique! where the Antiques Road Show when you need it! LOL!