Monday, 11 August 2008

What Do You do When It's late at Night?

What do you do when it's late at night, and you can't sleep? Last night, whilst the house was quiet and I was wide awake, I browsed through a few of my favourite blogs, and read Inklore's entry about Wordle...wordle? What's that when it's at home?

Of course, curious creature that I am, I had to take a look. Just a bit of fun, but it's quite therapeutic! You simply enter some text, or a blog URL, and it creates random images for you, based on the text you input and picking out various random words. I have to say that I did it a few times, but it's simple to just re-randomize the image, and you can remove words if you wish. There's also a gallery to store the image, and rifle through other people's results. A good (albeit pointless?) way to pass five or ten minutes!

image created at


Star of the East said...

Oh yes, these are so much fun, I stumbled it on another blog and made one right away! Such a great effect, this kind of things seems so much out of reach when you are not handy with photoshop and such!

Marian said...

cool... I didn't know about them.I shall try!!!