Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Old Friends

What a strange, or rather 'nostalgic' few days I've just had! On Friday, we all piled round to my parents' house to meet my cousin and his wife, who we haven't seen for about nine years. They're over in the UK having a little holiday, travelling around and seeing family and old friends - they live in Germany at the moment. Lovely to see them again after all this time!
The weekend arrived, and with it saw a good friend of ours pop in for a couple of days' sojourn here - a bit of cycling through the forest in the rain (what's happened to the summer lately?) with eldest, and he would have been a helpful hand peeling some more tipi poles with ye olde woodcutter, had rain not stopped their play! *woodcutter objects to the word 'play'.....why??!
Yesterday was the strangest, and loveliest day of all - I met up with an old friend that I haven't seen for...well, we reckon it's probably about 15 years now. Fifteen years?! Crumbs. It was terrific to see him again, a great way to spend the day, and wonderful to be in touch again after all this time.

I think that explains why I'm rather lacking in any work to show you - but I did notice today that I've been featured in another treasury on etsy...thank you, snappingtwig, for including me in 'crisp' - your zingy, summery selection! Where am I? That's me...second row down from the top, on the right - my Faint Hearted Pendant, looking a bit like a bowlful of strawberries in this collection!

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Marian said...

hey great! congrats about the treasury, but most importantly, great about friends. I miss mine... aaaaaaaahhhh