Sunday, 3 August 2008

Yum, Yum..

We had a trip to Bath yesterday...such a beautiful place! The regency/Georgian architecture is quite breathtaking, the ambience is vibrant - and we love the cafe culture!! Who doesn't enjoy sitting with a drink and a snackette, passing time with a spot of people watching?
Once we could drag ourselves away from our favourite activity, we wandered around, soaking up the atmosphere, indulging in a craft fair (see pic above)*, and improving our general well-being with an art gallery or two. We gazed longingly through the doors of the delightful Pump Rooms, at the afternoon teas being served (the queue for a table was a mile long...the children couldn't wait), and listened to the violinist serenading the fortunate few savouring their dainty crustless sandwiches and earl grey.
It wasn't until we returned to the car ready for the journey home that we realised we hadn't even visited the exquisite Roman Baths! How did we manage that?!

Save that experience for next time...

*We found gorgeous candles, wax melts and bath products (see pic above) available from Becky, at Purple Sparkle Crafts ( or Take a look at her website - it's packed full of all things sweet and pretty, and they all smell absolutely divine!! It's almost a shame that you can't actually eat them!


Marian said...

those candles are great!!!! they actually look very edible!!!:)

Nice one day trip. I always enjoy those. Getting out of het platteland/ or countryside where we live in, and going to the city for some culture and cafes...and then back to the tranquility of nature.

Jackie said...

Bath is wonderful isn't it? We had our first visit there over 25 years ago when visiting the Trowbridge Folk Festival, our car broke down in Stroud,so we left it there and friends gave us a lift with all our camping gear, then on sunday my husband slipped and broke his arm. We went to Bath Hospital and had to spend a night in a B&B there, so we made the most of our day..carrying the x-rays of course.

lusummers said...

thanks for leaving your comment, i'm glad you like my stuff, likewise! and don't worry, my new workroom didn't stay that tidy for that long :) lu x

Purple Sparkle said...

Thank you for mentioning me! I'm so glad you like my goodies - I'll have to get creating some cherry bakewell soaps for you!
It was lovely to meet you :-)
Becky xx