Saturday, 23 August 2008

Popping in Quickly (to show you a few things)...

(Barnacle Beau's Treasury, Sugar Spoon - spotted 22nd August) - Midsummer Collar, top left.

(Caladonia March's Treaury, Not Just For Thanksgiving, spotted 22nd August) - Showtime Pendant, third row, centre.
I couldn't stay away for long, could I?!
Just thought you might like to see these lovely etsy Treasuries that I discovered I was featured in yesterday. Aren't they lovely? I'm loving the cranberry and sage colour combination of Caladonia March's selection, and Barnacle Beau's is a whole lot of fun, isn't it?
I also discovered that I'd been lucky enough to win a blog giveaway, too, yesterday - I'll show you when I receive it...can't wait! I never get parcels in the post, so that's really exciting!!
Finally, when I checked my emails this morning, I found out that I've been featured on another blog, Life Through Art Foundation. I'm really impressed actually, with how nice my products look! Funny how you view them differently when they're somewhere new, somewhere where you don't expect to see them! It's a lovely feature, so thank you, Terisa xx.

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