Monday, 8 September 2008

Back to Work...

Just to prove that I'm trying to get back to the grind!
With the children now fully ensconced at school, and the woodcutter's arm on the mend, I took an hour or two to myself...just me and the sewing machine.

I've never used soluble film before - and I'm not going to say that it was a doddle. I gave it my best shot. I've learned a lesson or two in the process - the main one being 'read all the details before you go headlong into snapping up a bargain!'
I know, I know...I can hear your wise words from here....because it never is a bargain, is it?! There's always some drawback or other, isn't there? I'd searched high and low over quite a few hours, in search of said soluble stuff, at a price that was right. Bingo!! Ten metres and only a teeny bit more than the price of five!! I bestowed many congratulations upon myself...well done for persevering, I thought. Big pat on the back!

And I waited.

Within three days, a rather small parcel arrived. I thought nothing of it..too small to be the film. Only I was wrong. It was the film. And the parcel was small was a bit 'wrong'. I double-checked the invoice. Yep, 10 metres. So why so small...? Oh, I small because it's only 15cms wide!!!! I ask you!! That'll teach me, won't it?! What were we always told at school, just before our exams commenced? Hmmm - I remember now...always read the question through first!!
Such a fool.
Anyhoo. I'm managing the film with a few pins and some strategically placed tape, and an absolute TON of tissue paper strapped to the sewing machine, the table (which has a pvc surface, so of course the film sticks to it. Like glue), and anything within arm's reach. The pic above shows a small section of the result. I'm adding plenty of sparkly beads and a clasp, and I'll see how it looks.

On a lighter note, I've received a little handful of blog awards over the last few days. How great is that?! I feel well and truly honoured! I'll have more information for you tomorrow, then I can regale you properly with all the juicy details!


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Love to experiment (love those colours too)... and your not alone, I often get over excited about trying something new. I buy it, then it arrives and I realise maybe it wasn't quite what I needed/expected! 'It'll be good for something I say', stashing it carefully on top of the pile in my craft cupboard and running away very quickly, just in case the doors burst open! Then I return a few weeks later and say,'Hmmm, just the thing!'

I hear you bought yourself an embellisher too... Show me, show me, show me!!


Marian said...

Well, I haven't a clue as to what soluble film is. Something that disolves but what? how? when??
But, I had to nod at the lesson (re)learnt. always read the whole thing.

Even if I dont knwo what this film thing is for, I love th picture of the post...great colors.

'fancypicnic' said...

Soluble film is used in machine embroidery, and then dissolves in water, leaving the stitches held together. xx

Gunnels blog said...

Love to see your work in progress!
I see you have both a Dawandashop and an Etsyshop. Me too, but I haven´t anything in my Dawanda so far, I think I have to learn about etsy first, it´s so much to know !! But I wonder if we from Europe will sale wich is best Etsy or Dawanda ??