Saturday, 27 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday

1)Fused Glass Pendant-Autumn Crush/ shoozles 2)Felt Disc Necklace/ Threekeys 3)Plum Perfect Damask Dress Tunic (18m/2T, 3/4, 5/6) /breadandroses 4)Carved Caramel Bakelite Vintage Button Ring/ momomatic 5)Charlotte Necklace/ LieblingDesigns 6)Autumn Leaves Stacking Set Made to Order/ onegarnetgirl 7)Autumn Flower Embellishment/TessaAnn 8)Halloween Woodland Tree, Large Wool Soft Sculpture/ winsomehollow 9)Faux Candy Covered Apples Faux Food Decor/ FrostedFakes

Well, we've had the equinox...Autumn is officially here!! I love it! The changing colours of the trees...the rustle underfoot of the fallen leaves...the crispness in the air...the need for a cosy jumper - I'm in my element!

Today's Shopping List is packed full of all things autumnal. Shoozle's pendant and Threekeys' necklace captures leaves falling in the mist; the divine children's tunic from breadandroses is perfect as we forage about picking up pine cones and conkers...
Momomatic's ring conjures thoughts of toffee apples and applebobbing...toffee apples with no calories? Look no further than FrostedFakes to cheer up your kitchen and keep you guilt free!
For those of you that know me, you'll know why I picked the next two wedding anniversary falls in October. My mum made my bouquet with huge magnolia blooms, and they also adorned the cake - how could I resist this glorious necklace from LieblingDesigns?! Onegarnetgirl's gorgeous ring is very reminiscent of my engagement ring - and these stones are such glorious colours!
TessaAnn's brooch speaks for itself - rustic and colorful, just right for this season.
Now, then. Trees - I'm surrounded by them here in the forest. I've always nurtured a little passion for a mantel laden with fir trees at Christmas time, but why wait until then? I love these by winsomehollow! I need a mantelpiece full of them - they're all different in her shop - I need them...I do!

I think next week I'll have a little foray into Hallowe'en treasures...after all, it'll be October by then!

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zukzuk said...

Yes, this is a great season. I think it's my favourite! I wish we could have a bit more of this and a little less winter.

A lovely Autumnal selection...

katy said...

i'm so envious of your real forest! i guess this is why i surround myself with this forest of tree is my house! thanks so much for including one of my trees in your lovely list.

beautiful selections...they all really capture the essence of favorite season.

Cary Walker said...

this is a really great selection! i love those rings!! i'm jealous of your fall wedding, it's my favorite time of year. iwas married in the mountains in spring... pretty, but cold and rainy and not much flowers.

i love the trees too of course:)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection! Than you so much for including my faux candy apples. Your blog is fantastic and will be added to my blogroll right away! :) I can't wait to check out all of your links....lots of good stuff here.

Half an Acre said...

I'm certainly starting to feel wintery too! even had a few fires the last few days!
love your autumny picks!