Monday, 15 September 2008


Fun was had yesterday with a spot of apple harvesting from our field - no, let's call it our 'orchard'....much more 'Country Living'!

The girls ran round madly picking up the apples, whilst the woodcutter shook out a few more, and this is the result! Youngest enjoyed that bit, but then the work got a bit serious, so she went off in search of real fun, going about with a stick to poke around in all the squishy yucky ones that were (thankfully) left on the ground.
Woodcutter and his offspring then set to, discarding any unsavoury ones, washing and chopping them, and then blasting them through the juicer. Now we have apple juice coming out of our ears, in every spare corner of the kitchen...with two baskets still untouched! I know we can wrap and store any unblemished ones... but I'm not sure if we'll get around to that. At least we can go mad with crumbles...yum!

Have to do the pears next..


Gina said...

Yummy!!! If we're lucky we get next door's windfalls.

Marian said...

yum! Sell them on etsy or dawanda! hahahhaa I love apples! We had only a couple of kl this year from our "orchard".
Crumbles, apples pies, jam, juice, many things you can make with apples... but yeah...afer a while it can turn a bit...boring.

SIDER! I knew there was alcohol somewhere there! Licqour!

Kayla coo said...

How lovely to have all those apples.
Beautiful pictures.x

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful blog!