Thursday, 25 September 2008


*image created using my photograph, flickr and picnik

Ho hum. I'd be repeating myself if I told you that I cannot resist the lure of flickr/picnik fiddling, late at night when I should really be tucked up in bed....but I can't help it! There's addiction in my blood -I cannot leave something alone unless I feel completely purged of it. Take a new cd. I can play that new cd for six months solid in my car, without feeling the need for a change. I pity my passengers (even if they are family), but I'm compelled to do it. Is compulsion the same as addiction?
Anyway, simply can't help myself, as I said. I don't think I'd mind if I could detect a modicum of progress being made! As it is, the woodcutter keeps bemoaning my ability to crop too soon, to work on an image that is too low in resolution, that I only have myself to blame for dodgily grainy images as a result. Okay!! We didn't all work as professional photoshoppers, did we?! I stand by my decision to dabble and fiddle with the odd layer or two....I'm enjoying myself!!! Yay!!

(nobody point out now, please, that it could be perceived as time-wasting....thank you!)


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Owww delicious... so are you going to side line in graphics and start providing banners for our websites, shops and products?!

Could be a good way to work out that addictive compulsive behaviour!


hens teeth said...

I second that.