Tuesday, 16 September 2008

With Elegance -

I was thrilled to find that Cathy's beautiful treasury 'POETRY for you secret love' features my D'Urbervilles Pendant. I think this is a beautiful collection - and it's unusual for me because most of my jewellery is quite busy and colourful, unlike this particular piece. This treasury selection makes it look quite elegant, doesn't it?
A beautiful collection of pieces, actually featuring a number of artists whose work I really like...materialised, Roadside, LittleRobot, NuitBlanche...beautiful Cathy, thank you xx


littlebird said...

that is a most pretty treasury and your piece looks quite at home there.
ps ty for the blog prize i've given your shop a wee plug in my most recent post : )

Nic Hohn said...

Thanks so much for the award..I've just posted about it, and you!It's a delight to get to know you via blogging.

Marian said...

that is a very beautioful pendant... sober.. classy!

Congrats Lady of the Treasury.