Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Quick Catch Up For You...

This is what I've been up to whilst I've been away...not very much sewing going on, is there? Actually, that was really the point. I had the last two weeks of the girls' summer holidays off, so that we could spend time together properly. It was lovely!

We didn't 'do' a huge amount, really. We had some rather slow mornings...which often crept into the afternoon ...that almost turned into complete 'pyjama days'!! No harm in that, is there? It's just what holidays are about in my book.

We saw some old friends, we read a lot, we drew a lot, we sat round watching a few films with the biscuit barrel nearby (naughty!), and we felt sorry for the woodcutter. Yes, that's him in the pic, third row down on the left. Carpal tunnel surgery. Not uncommon, I know, but as florcita commented (on flickr), ouch...ouchouchouch! The picture of the spider's web is there because the first of September dawned, and despite the gentle glow of sunshine (for an hour or so, anyway) at 8.30 a.m, there was certainly the feel of autumn creeping up on us. Crisply clear, heavy with dew and a weeny nip in the air.

Those gorgeous flowers were sent to me by a fabulous friend...who doesn't love the feeling of opening the front door to receive a bouquet...especially when it is a complete surprise!!? Afternoon tea in the Pump Rooms, Bath (glorious!) was enjoyed by all of us - both girls have since been heard playing 'teatime at the Pump Rooms' (eldest always has to be Daddy), so I think they enjoyed the experience!!

So what of the wooden sculpture? That's a huge boar, which was built in the grounds of Taurus Crafts, Lydney...and then burned, in a pagan-esque ceremony at dusk. Youngest made a lantern, of which she was very pleased, and we joined the throngs on the sidelines, lantern alight, to watch it burn. Something quite intoxicating about a jolly good bonfire, isn't there?

Finally, we're rather proud of our decorative logs - for sale on ebay - and this is a pic taken for use on our upcoming (though not yet live) website, The Log Basket. Exciting!!

Hope you all had a good summer, despite the awful weather. Just think, Christmas is just around the corner!!!


hens teeth said...

Such a lovely post ~ it's what family time should be all about, enjoying each other and grabbing the moment. Hope the woodcutter makes a speedy recovery.

Jackie said...

The first time I ever went to Bath my husband has his arm put in plaster in the hospital there, having slipped in Trowbridge. Have I told you all this? It was a traumatic weekend. The car had broken down in Stroud and we were camping. It was a very long time ago but its still very clear.

Kayla coo said...

Yes we had plenty of late mornings.
It's now the mad school dash!

Marian said...

I cantt believe Christamas is around the corner! Another year almost gone! aaahhh!

how is the woodcutter doing?? that must be qutie hurtful... and on vacations now I suppose, not much wood cutting with a hand like that.

The wooden sculpture great! Tea and all those yummy cakes... great! lanterns, pijamas, slow mornings, no work..... great times uh?

little love blue said...

beautiful pictures... and that bonfire looks amazing!

moxylyn said...

It's always nice to spend a few late pyjama days. Very nice items you have here!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Looks like you had lots of fun... very jealous!