Wednesday, 17 September 2008

On My Desk Wednesday

This is where I'm at today - the volcanic looking disc is a new felted pendant awaiting beads and buttons and the usual ephemera required to make it 'mine'.
In the background, you can just make out the Black Random Necklace, which has been reserved. It's waiting patiently to be helped into its little overcoat of giftwrap, and topped off with a flourish (that'll be a ribbon and a pretty toning button, then).
The sweet little daisies are a garden gift from my youngest...and would you believe they are already three days old? I've never had them last so long...
Happy Wednesday!

* feeling a bit nosy...oops, sorry, curious? Pop over to kootoyoo's blog, for more tantalising glimpses into the lives of other desks...and their users!


Hey Harriet said...

I just found you via 'Very Little Bird' blog. What a beautiful blog you have :)

Marian said...

VEry very very pretty. SO colorful. I like the picture itself...nice angle.
What flowers are those?? Isnt it nice when flowers last long!

Anonymous said...

fabulous photo....fabulous jewellery! Great stuff this blogging isn't so many great people :)

Very nice to meet you & to be reading your blog :)