Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Been Strippin'!

Well, not me - obviously!

Busy, busy day.... we have many, many poles to peel... whilst in the process of setting up our tipi holiday site in these 'ere woods, we've had to source our own poles. We do live in the middle of a forest, after all!

It's surprisingly cathartic shaving away the curls of bark, savouring the gentle woody scent as you steadily unveil the virgin white within.

Often, husband works alone, but not this time! We talk very little whilst we peel, but its lovely to have the luxury of being out there together, shrouded in peace and quiet.

I've been loading some photos I've just taken onto flickr so that I can slideshow some bits and bobs...but it appears to be pickling my brain. Maybe there are some more poles that require de-barking...?

mental note: *must keep trying...!*
second mental note: *must get sewing!*

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