Thursday, 19 June 2008

Busy Children Who 'likec cats and dogs'

It's good to see them being studious...sometimes...

Eldest is just beginning to learn about researching family trees, following an after school club. Great, I thought - only it's led to a stack of questions, and earnestly recorded notes, on family deaths....only for her the date doesn't suffice. She's avidly recording every last morbid detail, and I have to say, seems like she's enjoying it a little too much!!

I suppose we were all fascinated with death and the unknown at aged eight, weren't we? Go on, just assure me - please!

Youngest - well, she's languishing in the fulfilment that comes with learning to read and write. She's advanced to her version of 'bubble' writing, and I just love the little pictures that accompany her words, just in case we couldn't quite read them!
A doodle-er for life, methinks (if she takes after her parents!).
Non-uniform day tomorrow for my little ones, so no doubt they'll need all evening to plan what they will be sporting around the corridors and playground at school in the morning! Oh, joy! Better to prepare tonight than be a headless chicken at 7.30 a.m...or at least, that's my plan, and I'm sticking to it!
Who's in charge here, anyway?!

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