Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fancy a Mini Roll?...Anyone?!

Okay, so they're not strictly speaking true mini-rolls, but you can see my train of thought....can't you?

That woodcutting husband of mine hates waste of any kind. As you're aware, we have poles coming out of our - well, I'll leave that to your imaginations! We sell tipi poles, and prepare them on request, but it's made us think a little. These douglas firs are simplicity itself. They're fine, straight and strong, and they smell why not have them in the house?

Ye olde woodcutter is also thinking of arbours, trellis and the like for your personal spot of outdoor paradise, but think interiors for just a minute. I very much swing between full-on minimalism (which sadly I could never fulfil..families acquire too much 'stuff' as they evolve) and country cottage with a hint of scandinavia, if you see what I mean!

Ta da! I present you with our logettes!! A perfect ornamental display to accompany your fireside! Beautifully blond, these wooden mini-rolls have proved to be quite a talking point in our house. We have a woodburner in our dining room with its own stack of firewood, but our once-woodburner-converted-by-the-previous-owner-gas-fire was feeling a mite neglected. Now it can't complain, as it has fifty-plus style conscious new friends to cheer it up. Job done...lovely!

Aforementioned woodcutter was spotted earlier today perusing a catalogue of...steady!...chainsaws, would you believe? Yep, an entire catalogue dedicated to nothing other than chainsaws. Not bad for a former 'nice-studio-with-all-mod-cons-soft-skin-no-callouses-non-weatherbeaten-ex-product designer', eh? He's loving it!

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