Monday, 30 June 2008

Her tickling stick:
Phew! Five minutes sit down (after more bark stripping) with a cup of tea, a chat with the twirlies about their day, and a quick sneak onto the computer to throw something onto the blog, so here goes...

Both of my babies were on a school trip today, into the forest for an Awe and Wonder day. They had their assembly under the trees; youngest had a challenge to discover something 'tickly'; eldest was thrilled to find a bone to add to her growing collection....but it still had some flesh on it...!...; a forest ranger helped to unravel some mysteries of their surroundings; they looked for Gerald the Giant, and found his throne - the Giant's Chair, heralding the beginning of the Sculpture Trail.
I've saved the best 'til last - they were both as pleased as punch to have found.....each other, in the lavatories!!!!

This big adventure unfolded whilst the sun shone down on them - no rain to be seen! Two tired and happy little girls.

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