Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Going, going...GONE!!

Go on - guess what happened today!

Have you guessed yet? Yes, yes, YES!!! My first sale! Just by chance I switched the computer on as soon as I stumbled downstairs this morning, to find an item missing in my etsy shop.

What?! I thought.
Don't tell me I deleted something during the wee hours (whilst I was updating the items in the shop), when I was so flippin' tired I was practically collapsed in a heap over the keyboard, please!!
Where is it? What's gone wrong??
Wait a minute...could I possibly have...yes!!! item, one Bubblegum Pink Random Necklace no less, well and truly sold...!!
Well I never.
You can only imagine how trembly my hands were whilst gift-wrapping the aforementioned article! Carolannie, all the way over there in Oregon, the United States of America, I hope you're very pleased with your new purchase - and tell everyone you meet when you're wearing it where you got it from!!

What ho, then! What else occurred today? Well, the rain abated for a couple of hours - thankfully - which meant a super time was had by all at the school sports day. Eldest was unsure of how she would fare in her races, but she tried very hard (it's the taking part that counts, after all), and even won first place in one of them. Beaming from ear to ear, she was - albeit secretively! Well done, Flumpy. xx.
There was a certain member of staff present for the occasion who was sporting a fabulous pair of shoes...brown, wedgy,green trim...I love them!! (Yes...yours, Mrs G!) I didn't stare too hard, I I sound like a stalker??

I think I'm done for the day, floating as I am on cloud nine.
Oooh...did I mention that I sold a piece of my jewellery today...?


karlita said...

So, you sold a piece of jewellery today?! Congrats, you will never forget your first sale!! Beautiful shop, btw and i just linked your blog on my blog as well:)

Dawn said...

Well done C-I am so pleased for you!!
I have been reading your blog everyday to see how you are getting on-love the photos.
You must be knackered doing this everyday.Keep up the good work.
Love you lots Dawnie x

beki said...

Congratulations! That first sale is oh, so exciting!!