Sunday, 29 June 2008

Look What I've Got!

Well, what more could a Mummy ask for on a drab Sunday morning?

My very own, very special, handmade cushion, of course! Isn't it fabulous? Eldest was quietly beavering away whilst I was occupied at the other end of the table... I don't mind at all how many times I had to re-thread your needle - it was worth it!
What a delight - thank you xxxxxxxx

Must tell you about someone I discovered on flickr yesterday. Take a look - unbelievably fiddly work - just divine. Now I know what to ask for should anyone ask at Christmas time!

Whilst I'm on the subject, I was amazed at these creations, too, by Helle at gooseflesh. I've heard about knitting with recycled carrier bags before, but these are art forms! Wonderful. Enjoy!

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