Friday, 20 June 2008

Feel The Spin..

I thought I'd pop this on here because the feel of spinning motion curdles my brain - but my girls can't get enough of it! Yuk.

Non-uniform went swimmingly, thank goodness. Not a single prima donna moment had by anyone. Phew.

The day started beautifully, with a school assembly by the Reception class and Year Two. My youngest is coming to the end of her year in Reception, so I didn't want to miss this. Beautiful and charming. They informed us all about Hawaii, and their use of canoes (on show and actually being performed in was a class-created coffin - sorry! - canoe! with cardboard paddles), but the glory moment came when the majority of the class performed a Hawaiian dance - including their teacher, resplendent in a plastic grass skirt. Just to die for. All of the children were enchanting - mine? Not unlike the others...three beats in time behind, but absolutely living in the moment, joyously over-performing, out of time but as cute as could be. They all were. Delicious.

The rest of the day was spent .. you guessed it, stripping poles!! There must be something else we can do with these poles - surely not just for tipis? Answers, or suggestions, on a postcard, please!

The day ended as nicely as it began, with a curry and a play in the garden at dusk. Perfect.

*mental note - second reminder: must get sewing!

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