Monday, 16 June 2008

I'm Waving!

Crumbs - this is something of a big adventure for me...I'm actually starting a blog!
I have no idea if I'll manage to keep this going, but I'm going to try, and try very hard at that. I'm aware that some people have set themselves a challenge to post something new every day. It sounds quite a simple, quick thing to achieve every day, doesn't it - but it's taken me two days to get just this far!
About a month ago, I discovered little birds handmade/Stephanie Congdon-Barnes' blog, and therefore her beautiful photos on flickr. I think both her lovely blog and fabulous photostream was my inspiration for getting myself going. Thank you, Stephanie - your work is fabulous, but I wish I'd discovered it sooner. I must go away now and work out how to set up a link for anyone who stumbles upon these ramblings to be able to check out your wonderful work.

Am I done for the day? I think so - see you tomorrow!
A-ha! Well, I thought I was done, but lo I believe I have managed to create a link for you to check out 'little birds handmade'. I hope it works for you!

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