Saturday, 28 June 2008

My Little Butterfly

Okay, so strictly speaking this was taken yesterday...but I love it.

Post summer fete, and an awful lot of the face paint has rubbed off (mainly mashed into my shirt after a rather enthusiastic cuddle - I wasn't going to turn down the chance of a big squeeze!), but youngest looks so dreamy I couldn't resist. She waited extremely patiently for what must have been a very long half hour (for her) to have this beauty painted on.

A mother of one of her classmates valiantly provided the making up service - she gets my full admiration. The queue stretched along the corridor, the poor woman was swamped with rather excited children - but look at the results! Lots of delicately glittering butterflies (and boyishly tough Batmen) heading home happy. Me? I had a bird's eye view from my ice-cream stand...thank you mums and dads for all of your cornet munching whilst you were waiting for your little ones!

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