Monday, 23 June 2008

Sweet, Sweet William

Mmm - I just love these flowers.

So, today was a good day. Number one, obviously, is this vase full of little beauties. I can never manage to arrange them very artfully - although that said, they manage to work their magic perfectly well without any help from me. Think cottage gardens...old friends (you know who you are!)...grandma's table...and now my windowsill. Lovely.

Number two - and this is BIG - (HUGE squeal of pleasure being emitted as I write) was findng my Collar of Delights on a fellow blogger's page, sitting proudly in her etsy Treasury! Oooh, thank you Heloise! I can't begin to tell you quite how much joy and excitement I experienced with that discovery!


Lastly, my two twirlies ascended quite happily up to bed this evening - wonder of wonders! No pleading to stay up 'just one minute longer, Mummy, pleeeze? Daddy, purleeeze?'; no requests for 'just a little water, Mummy? I'm SOOO thirsty!'...Nothing!

Crikey, I didn't know what to do with myself! Husband remained outside bark stripping -marginally escaping chopping his finger off because it had gotten so dark out there - so I was all alone, twiddling my thumbs. Housework time? As if!! The internet was calling, and my fingertips were itching to get browsing...etsy shopping, ebay bargain hunting - bliss!

The hoovering'll simply have to wait for another day...

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