Sunday, 22 June 2008

Colours and Textures

A lazy-ish Sunday..eldest and I stayed at home whilst youngest and husband took our house-guest on a little excursion: canoeing on the beautiful River Wye. Despite capsizing (!), they arrived home happy. We're so lucky to have such a wonderful location on our doorstep, and it's great that we can get on out there and use it. I just hope Dave's phone survived the ordeal - although it was looking a little moist and worse for wear when he left!

Good to see you again, Dave - you are always welcome, as you know..and you don't always have to work whilst you are here, but it is appreciated! Thank you xx

The men spent the afternoon being manly (or so they tell me) woodcutters, and recovering more fir trees for our poles.

Me, on the other hand? I fought the blight that is hayfever, and used the quiet time to think about colour schemes for the next installment of my jewellery. I need to get some more items posted in my shops, but there's a busy week ahead: more strippin' bark is required, the annual school fete is upon us...but I'll find the time. Perhaps I can coax the children into going to bed as soon as they arrive home from school? (Good plan, or what?!)

I mentioned chocolate yesterday...and I'm still thinking about it, combined with blue. Sky blue, turquoise and duck egg are feeling quite good at the moment. Plenty of braiding this time, I think, with masses of beads and buttons. Perhaps tasselling? I'm liking the olive green velvet and tassel trim you can see in the pictures. Quite decadent, but I may remove the tassels and just work with the luxurious braiding. The collar, choker and wrist cuff are proving to be the most viewed items in my shops, so I'm thinking of a mini collection using those styles. We shall see!

I just love the 'Mirror Ball Dot' (by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller Fabrics) brown and turquoise spot fabric. I feel a bag moment coming on....

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