Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Flowers, Anyone?

I've recently been making these up by the bagful. I saw a fab tutorial some time ago by Blair (Wise Craft), and really wanted to have a try. Fantastically simple (the best way!), with the added bonus that they require only a teeny weeny bit of fabric, so any scrap will do. I have to say that I could have been far more adventurous - with the flower centres and the material choices - but more often than not the simpler something is, the more spontaneous it's likely to be. I don't think there's enough of that in my life these days - spontaneity - so making flowers will have to suffice, I guess!

If the rain keeps at bay, I'll be off to watch eldest participate in her school sports day tomorrow. Fingers crossed...it's raining at the mo, but it's a long time till morning. I'll be in fine fettle to cheer her on whilst she skips and runs her way through the event. Apparently, I'm to remember to cheer 'quietly, Mummy'. I have been told...

I'm planning a little treat for myself in the afternoon. I'm going to finally make and cut the patterns and fabric pieces for a new necklet. Sky blue, chocolate, mocha, frosted glass...can't wait!!

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