Friday, 27 June 2008

Forest Treasure

Here's a sneaky little peeky at the first of the Forest Treasure range.

As you can see, the chocolate sky blue mocha discussed the other day has evolved somewhat, into a pallette of deep turquoise, green, ochre, mustard..oh, and a hint of chocolate. I regressed way back, to art college days, and tried to allow the fabrics to dictate the form. I went a bit 'freefall', actually, and just let things happen, without restrictions. I'm really pleased with the result. To me, this choker conjures up my neighbour, the forest - the floor of which is strewn with coppery leaves, chestnut hued twigs, a plethora of stones and sunlit, ethereal ferns glinting amongst the bracken.

I'm hoping for better light tomorrow to take some more photographs, and then this necklace will be posted in my etsy shop at about midnight.

I sat in on the school assembly this morning; eldest was performing with her recorder group. They all did superbly well - barely a squeak from any of them. Well done! We were also treated to a mini 'recital' from the drummers, and enjoyed a performance from the country dancers. The whole school seemed charged with a party atmosphere, which was exactly what was in order for the school fete held during the afternoon - in the hall, sadly, due to patchy weather throughout the day.
I was posted on the ice-cream stand, and was rushed off my feet - I needed another six arms, at least, to cope with the queue!! Everyone was really patient, though, and I think a good time was had by all.

PS: Prawnie: love you!

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