Saturday, 21 June 2008

There's a Fairy In My Garden...honest!


Slightly dodgy photo due to poor lighting, but cute!
Yet another busy day today. A very early start for us (for a Saturday) to deliver a batch of tipi poles to Herefordshire. The bonus? I was dropped off in the city with my eldest for a weeny spot of retail therapy...and the discovery of a lovely little cafe in the centre. Eggy bread with maple syrup and bacon, anyone? Actually, we decided to bypass that for a whopping piece of chocolate brownie and scrumptious hot chocolate - and we were very good. We shared the brownie!
Eldest went to a fab birthday party at an equestrian centre in Newnham-on-Severn this afternoon. Talk about excited! She admitted she was a little nervous, but she lapped up the experience. They all participated in mini races, despite many party-goers being complete novices..and even ended the event with a trot. Delightful. There has, surprisingly,been no mention of having a pony installed in our back garden.... thus far!
I also added to my etsy shop today, with a bronze multi-string beaded necklace.
Did I mention hot chocolate, earlier? Chocolate, yes...I'm thinking of some new jewellery in rich chocolate tones, perhaps some velvet, perhaps even some lace of some description - maybe mocha shades? Have found some lovely motifs in Hopsack and Linen ebay store. Something to think about!

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