Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another Day in Paradise

This just about sums up my day, I think...except I would most certainly be showing more teeth!!

It all started quite sanely, really, with some enjoyable chit chat with fellow sellers and bloggers - which successfully lulled me into a general feeling of well-being - followed by a spot of light lunch with ye olde woodcutter husband. Ahh, let me just savour for a minute or two that moment of calm...
Because then my day simply disintegrated before my very eyes..!!

Circus-esque pieces completed? No. Not even one? Nope! One, and only one 'creation' is perched on my tailor's dummy, looking longingly at me to GET SEWN TOGETHER! I had to take it apart several times because it just wasn't ...right, you know?

School pick-up time arrived, and two argumentative little ituses made their way back to the fold, in order to carry out more yelling competitions with each other (and me)...which continued all the way to swimming lessons. A brief moment of respite ensued (hurrah), until they were reunited in the car, in order for them to pick up where they left off, and carry on for the duration of the journey home! They obviously have inherited this trait from their father....ha,ha!!

Now? Beautiful little angels, sleeping soundly, not a trace of hideousness on their faces. You can't help but love 'em!

See you tomorrow....

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Marian said... 2yr old has a cold, nothing terrible, only that he is a male, and you know how males think they are gonna die when they have the slightest trace of the flu, and want to call a lawyer and settle their affairs even if they are only 2yrs old?

Well, I wish he was sleeping right about now. I didnt make anything either yesterday, but while having dinner my cellphone started beeping: a sell in dawanda! yay.

My husband is a woodcutter too...well, beginner... as a hobby. i love it when he decides that doing it in the living room, and leaving wood chips everywhere, is the best thing ever.