Sunday, 27 July 2008

A New World on My Table!

Fun and games!!

This photo doesn't do their handiwork any justice at all, but I like the sunlight! Both girls and daddy went lego bonkers yesterday. They ended up with a complete town spreading the length and breadth of our table...hours of complete absorption. We had helicopters to the rescue (thank the woodcutter for that), peculiar cars with wing-shaped boots I'd never seen the like of before and dainty gardens and roof-top terraces.
I'll tell you something...I'm off to pack my bags now - this place looks like fun; I'm moving in!!

The building frenzy continues this morning...


'fancypicnic' said...

Anyone like to join us for the Shopping List Saturday? Just let me know!

jenscloset said...

oh, I miss all that fun!! Now it's Nintendo for my 16 yr old son and cute clothes for my 15 yr old daughter, and well, my 25 yr old daughter is my best buddy!! thanks for visiting my blog!

Les_Bijoux_Uniques said...

How cool!!! I miss the leggo fun I had as a kid. Hours of fun!!

My oldest has no interest in it, and my little one would just throw the pieces all over and then eat them, LOL!!

I'll get some for me and hide in the bedroom building my own funky town! TeeHee! ;)

Marian said...

I thought I had commented here!
Anyway.. the husband is crazy for legos too. And the little kid as well... cards, farms all over the place. wakign up in the mornind, coming downstairs, barefoot, and stepping on little cards, jaguars, little men... oh joy.

That place does look like fun, and they probably have better weather!