Thursday, 17 July 2008

WARNING! If You Are Of A Delicate Disposition, I Suggest You Look Away...Now!


Really? Yep - if you go down to the woods today, beware of this rather big surprise..I kid you not! Whilst woodcutting in the...erm, woods, look what went sailing past...!

You'll be pleased to know that the rider was partially decent. He was sensible enough to respect fellow forest users, and wear a helmet. Well, thank you so much!

*note: this is a reconstruction...the unknown rider's modesty has been spared!


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

:) Would have made me laugh to see that!
I'm glad to hear he ws thinking health and safety and wore a helmet!

Marian said...

well..that looks painful... really. Where do you leave?? I mean, can one pull up a chair and look at crazy people bike by?

Im definetly coming on vacations to the camping next year!