Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Treasury City!

Crumbs..I am honoured. I discovered that I was featured in two more Treasuries on etsy yesterday - mistflowermarket's (http://www.mistflowermarket.etsy.com/) 'Summer Brights' curation with Grandma's Attic small pendant (top photo, top left pic), and gracenapoleon's (http://www.gracenapoleon.etsy.com/) 'Deeloverly' one, showing the Midsummer Collar (bottom photo,bottom row, centre pic) - very different collections, but aren't they both beautiful ones?

Florcita (http://www.florcita.etsy.com/) left a comment after the previous post about being featured in thebluebutton's treasury - are my sales affected by being featured? Well, thebluebutton's curation was selected to go on etsy's front page. That meant I received a huge influx of hits to my shop, so it generated interest, but to date, no more sales...but you never know. People like to sit and cogitate before purchasing I've decided. These two treasuries (above) have not been front page listings so far, so we'll have to see.

An aside about yesterday's post...remember the unique ring that eldest made for me? It's in one of my flickr sets http://www.flickr.com/photos/27738539@N05/, and an admin for the 'V&A Your Glamorous Jewellery' invited me to post it in the group..so I did! Glamorous mummy, that's me...


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Congratulations on your treasury entries... it's a great feeling isn't it. Fingers corssed they turn into lots of sales for you.

Sara x

ixela said...

Congrats on these two great tresuries and congrats on your FP!!!... your wonderful creations looks so well in these selections!!!
I cross my fingers too for a lot of sales for you even if maybe in this holiday period there are much many sales for everyone!!!

edward and lilly said...

Well done! The collar is so beautiful I'm not surprised it's been featured so much.

Sabii Wabii said...

I am lovin your fiber art!

Marian said...

Hey look at that! Glam mom!

COngrats on 2 more treasury entries! Wow, you are the chosen one! hahaha No really, I hope it turns into sells.